Friday, September 23, 2011

Still Kicking

Hey Fam,
I hope you all are in great Spirits! I want to apologize up front for my lack of Blogging. I am again playing catch up with everyone’s Blog! So, where did I leave off?!?!? oh Yeah, the September Challenge.

Ya’ll I have been working it out with this Challenge and though I am not seeing a huge drop on the scale, home girls clothes are falling off…I love….Loooove my Aero and Pink (by Vicky) Capri sweats. These pants were always tight in the legs and ok in the waist. Now……. Your girl has to roll the waist and this is with tying the string tightly and the legs look as if I’m wearing Hubby’s sweat pants. So am I happy with these results? Hell Yeah! I am finishing up with the September Challenge and rolling right into another one, anything that keeps me motivated and focused on the task ahead.

This New Challenge is called “Shades of Brown” it starts on Monday September 26th and I’m excited about it. What I didn’t know when I signed up was that it was going to be a team effort. Ya’ll I can’t tell you how competitive I am, I know myself. I am going after every point that’s offered up. I just have to set my mind that not everyone is like that and to control myself. I met some of my Teammates through cyber space and must say I am so far very please with my group. Reading their profiles they seem very dedicated and hard working! I’m really excited to be paired up with such an Amazing group of ladies.

My workouts have been the Bushman workouts, JM’s Killer Buns and Thighs, Running/Walking, Ab Ripper X and for the SoB Challenge we have to select certain workouts each week. So I am going to stick with this until I become comfortable with the workouts!

Thank you for hanging in here with me and I hope you all are meeting your goals and killing your workouts. Have a great weekend and keep on Pushing! Much Love!

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Stormy@Big Butt Theory said...

COngrats on the loose fit. I hope to be like that one day....