Monday, June 27, 2011

RI30/Hot Yoga/WKND Tracking and ECT....

I hope Everyone had a great weekend! Tomorrow will end my week 1 of “Ripped in 30”
The workout is definitely on point and I love some of the new cardio. I have been pushing myself to do every last set of each move. Though I am not going to front, every strength training movement she does includes some type of lunge or squat and to be honest the lunges are killing my knees. So, I do the same upper body movement JM does but, the lower body work I steal from Jackie’s DVD. I also do sumo squats because, it’s less stress on my knees and it really works my inner thighs which need it! J

Hot Yoga = Heck Yeah!
I’ve heard some great stuff about Hot Yoga from my Blog Buddies Ro and Haneefa and have searched high and low for some classes out here by me. Of course there are none given out here in my area of PA so I took the drive to NJ and did a 90min class. OMGeeee!!!! First off in the 1st 5mins of the class my head started dripping. I was able to 90% of the moves and thought I was going to pass out when I hit 30mins. I was thinking to myself “If this woman (instructor) does one more chair pose I am going to pass the “F” out” I was so happy when she had us lying on the floor and doing some crazy ass poses. I was able to do them and she said I was doing well but, once I got on the floor I didn’t want to get up. I loved the cool down and drank 16oz of water before the class, 24oz during the class and 16oz after. I was sweating from everywhere, my shins were even dripping. I am definitely going back again.

Weekend Tracking:
I did okay with this, I didn’t track everything because, I was snacking so dang on much! I really need to control my weekend eating habits. I do so well during the week and when the weekend comes around its like POOF!!!! Everything is out the window. This is a struggle for me and I am definitely going to keep working on this.

My Friends who left feed back on my last post. Thanks so much for your encouraging words. I know from the looks of things we all are going to fulfill our Summer Goals! Much love to you All!

Oh, and this week I am featured on Josie’s Blog from Yum Yucky sharing what Fitness means to me. So check it out!

Last Weeks Workouts:
Mon- Upper Body Strength Training and Run/Walk 45mins
Tues- RI30 and Run/Walk 45mins
Weds-RI30 and JM’s Yoga Melt Down
Thurs- RI30 and Kickboxing
Friday- RI30 and Zumba
Sat- Hot Yoga

Here’s to making this week a better one! Thank you for stopping by and stay tuned because, it ain’t over until it’s over!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ripped in 30

Yesterday started my “Ripped in 30” by Jillian Michael’s program. I leave for vacation on July 22nd and wanted to keep my mind on track. Day 1 was yesterday and I think I am going to enjoy this program a lot. Jillian is bubblier and really focuses on technique; she really guides you through the workouts which I really like. 

My Goals:
-          Cutting Cheat Day’s out and replacing with a cheat meal 1x per week (if any)
-          Log my food on Weekends
-          Working each Level for 6 days

My Workouts:
Mon- Ran/Walk 3miles and Upper body strength training
Tues- Ran/Walk 3 miles and Ripped in 30
Wed- Ripped in 30 and Yoga Melt Down

My Measurements: (HORRID but, it’s real)
-          Right & Left Arm: 12.5
-          Right & Left Thigh: 24.5
-          Waist: 39.5
-          Stomach: 41.5 (passes out)
-          Hips: 42
-          Chest: 39
-          Weight- 186.6

So, you see I have a lot of work to do but, I’m eager to get started.

What are your Summer Goals?

Holla Back!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I’m Making Myself…..

FIT! Over the weekend I was stalking “Nike Women’s” YouTube page and I was truly inspired and motivated. These girls really go all out in their workouts which made me really evaluate my workouts and question myself.
Do I put the effort into my workouts? Do I really push myself beyond fatigue? Am I counting the seconds until this workout is finished?

To be honest, I don’t push myself beyond fatigue ONLY when it comes to running. This weekend after doing the 6th week of C25K run, I normally walk some hills for a cool down but, this time I did short sprints. Your Girl can move! J But on the real, it felt so good to move that way, to feel my heart rate sky rocket. If I don’t hear my HRM screaming, I don’t feel as if I’m pushing myself hard enough. I think this is the only question I FAIL at so my focus from now own is to “Push Myself Beyond Fatigueduring every workout I do even……. Yoga!!! I was hanging with Jillian during those Chaturanga Push-ups….I wanted to quit so many times but, I just giving myself “the” pep talk. I finished it. My arms were screaming, my legs were on fire and my heart was thumping fast but, I didn’t die. So, my question to you is: What are YOU Doing to Make Yourself?

Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy Friday: Weigh In

Happy Friday Fam!
Today was my weigh in and I have officially kicked it up! My Ticker "to the left, to the left!" is moving and in the right direction. Okay, I lost only 1.6lbs this week but, it was the 1.6lbs I needed to get me back on my "A" Game! Everything I now lose will count. Thank Goodness!

SW May16, 2011=191.6
Current Weight = 185
Almost 7lbs in 26 days (Almost 4 weeks) I can live with that. Now I just have to keep this up and I will be reaching my Mini goals!

Today's workout:
-Jillian Michael's "No More Trouble Zones"
- Run/Walk 45mins (C25K) week 6.
This was much better for me. I actually felt good and was able to run a bit faster. I think I'm going to stick with this next week and maybe the following week.
I hope you all had a fabulous day and make it an AWESOME weekend!

Keep On Pushing Ya'll!


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kicking Butt......

Wut up Fam?
I don’t know where everyone out in Blogland is but, out here in the “Boonies” PA is Hot as a Mutha Fugga! BUT the heat has not deterred me from reaching my goals. It didn’t melt my determination of GET-TING IT IN!!! Yesterday, I did P90X Arms/Shoulders and after work I ran/walk 3 miles, early evening where it was a bit cooler, not that it was cooler, just supposed to be for the time I started. For the life of me I could not keep running. My body or maybe my mind was telling me to stop running and to slow it down. It didn't help either that I spotted a wild turkey. I saw the sucker from a mile away. I paused my IPOD because, I don't wear earplugs....too busy listening and looking out for wild life bear. That turkey had me running on my toes so, I wouldn't be slapping the pavement all loud and shit. My HRM was beeping out of control from the fright. All I could think was, "If this Mutha Frigger comes after me....I would be his supper because, I was beat and wouldn't be able to do nothing more than a trot to get away from his a$$." I made it past him in one piece and was able to complete 3miles and the amount of walking I did probably equaled to a mile.

So check this! Since this running for 2.5 miles or 25 mins of the C25K week 7 isn’t working for me. I am taking it back to week 6 where a run for 5mins, walk for 3, run for 8, walk for 3 and then run for 5mins. I think I’m going to do this for another 2 weeks, granted I won’t finish the program and doubt that I’ll run the 5K without stopping but, hope I will do better on my time.
As for today I had a 1 on 1 session with Jackie doing the Xtreme Timesaver. I can’t stress enough all the goodness that goes on in this DVD…my shoulders and arms are going to be super fly when I get through this DVD without taking mini breaks here and there! I then went to my Kickboxing class and worked up a sweat and burnt an extra 460 calories. During the class the instructor asked me what type of martial arts I did. I stated proudly nothing but Kenpo X and some Taebo (Not that I do Taebo anymore b/c it doesn’t get my heart rate up) but, it made me smile!

You Guys make sure to take in lots of water because, your body needs it. Don’t let little things get in your way. When you really don’t feel like working out, just do it! You’re bound to find the energy once you start and will feel great afterwards!
Keep on Pushing Ya’ll!


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Weekend = PURE Success!

Happy Tuesday! So, glad Monday is over. I hope everyone had a Fabulous weekend. I was fighting a cold last week which ran into Saturday but, on Sunday I was refreshed. Hubby and I got a 3mile run/walk in early, which really felt great! I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed running with him. He makes me push without saying a word. He isn’t over weight but wants to lose some poundage and build more muscle. He does nothing for a work out but, play B-Ball here and there. Why did this MoFo keep up with me running? I glanced over at him to see if he needed a walk break because, I know I surly did and he was in his own world trotting away. So, being that he kept on going… Did I! Once we ran our first mile we walked for a minute and continued on to the second mile and walked a minute and we ran half a mile for the 3rd and walked the last half. When I got home I did Jackie’s “Xtreme Timesaver”. Over all a great workout and I loved running with Hubby, “Thanks Boo!”

We also had a wedding to attend and I am HAPPY to report I mad smart choices. For the cocktail hour I had water with lemon, some seasoned string beans and other green stuff I had no clue what it was but, it was green so I ate it, 2 tiny little patties with beef inside and a plate of fruit which was on point. For dinner I had the salmon which was so Damn Good O.M.G. also string beans, carrots and 1 potato plus the salad they served before the main course. (This salad had cranberries in it, I never ate cranberries in a salad but, I really liked it) Then I danced, danced, danced. My dress was falling off of me, it was supposed to be above the knee, and sleeves were to be on the shoulders. My strapless bra kept falling, not sure if it was just too small or what. This was my first time wearing one and the only reason I wore it was because, my sleeves kept falling. Ughhh a Hot Ass Mess! Tips on strapless bra are always welcome. Here are some Pix!

It’s Tueday Ya’ll Let’s Get it IN!!!!! 
Monday: Kenpo X
Tuesday: Running/Walking & Jackie Xtreme

Have a Great Day and Keep on Pushing!

Friday, June 3, 2011


Happy Friday Ya’ll! I hope everyone is doing great out in Blog land. I have been fighting this cold for the pass couple of days but, am keeping it moving. I am still drinking 2 Slim Fast Shakes a day, 3 healthy snacks (mostly fresh fruit and trail mix with lots of almonds and dried fruit) and 1 meal of 500 calories or less and at least 12cups of water. I am feeling great on this plan.
This morning I weighed in at 186.6lbs…that’s .6 away from where I was in Jan 2011. I will knock that off by next week for sure…

SW May16, 2011=191.6
Current Weight = 186.6
5lbs loss in almost 4 weeks….it’s not bad for TOM being here. Remember I mentioned his arrival 2 weeks ago when I ran my 1st 5K? Well I was only spotting and Tuesday he finally was in full affect...Punk!

As for my Workouts:
Monday- Rest (I was shock to see no workout was done when I checked my log)
Tuesday- Ran 2.7 miles and did Jackie Xtreme Time Saver (This DVD is the business)
Wednesday- Ran 2.6 miles and did the Biggest Loser Cardio Mix (Level 3 is Killer)
Thursday- Kickboxing Class
Friday- (I was going to rest being that I’m not feeling all that great but seeing that I missed Monday’s workout I will do something light)….Maybe walk and Yoga Melt Down.

I have a wedding this Sunday to attend and I tried my whole outfit on…. why is this dress too big? I love that feeling YES!! But, I want it to look right just for the wedding and then it can go back to falling off of me! Ya know what I mean?

Have a Great Friday and Keep On Pushing!