Friday, September 23, 2011

Still Kicking

Hey Fam,
I hope you all are in great Spirits! I want to apologize up front for my lack of Blogging. I am again playing catch up with everyone’s Blog! So, where did I leave off?!?!? oh Yeah, the September Challenge.

Ya’ll I have been working it out with this Challenge and though I am not seeing a huge drop on the scale, home girls clothes are falling off…I love….Loooove my Aero and Pink (by Vicky) Capri sweats. These pants were always tight in the legs and ok in the waist. Now……. Your girl has to roll the waist and this is with tying the string tightly and the legs look as if I’m wearing Hubby’s sweat pants. So am I happy with these results? Hell Yeah! I am finishing up with the September Challenge and rolling right into another one, anything that keeps me motivated and focused on the task ahead.

This New Challenge is called “Shades of Brown” it starts on Monday September 26th and I’m excited about it. What I didn’t know when I signed up was that it was going to be a team effort. Ya’ll I can’t tell you how competitive I am, I know myself. I am going after every point that’s offered up. I just have to set my mind that not everyone is like that and to control myself. I met some of my Teammates through cyber space and must say I am so far very please with my group. Reading their profiles they seem very dedicated and hard working! I’m really excited to be paired up with such an Amazing group of ladies.

My workouts have been the Bushman workouts, JM’s Killer Buns and Thighs, Running/Walking, Ab Ripper X and for the SoB Challenge we have to select certain workouts each week. So I am going to stick with this until I become comfortable with the workouts!

Thank you for hanging in here with me and I hope you all are meeting your goals and killing your workouts. Have a great weekend and keep on Pushing! Much Love!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

September Challenge

Hey Blog Fam!
I hope everyone is doing well. I have been reading Blogs more than updating as you can see but, I am still on point. Not, with juicing but, with my healthier lifestyle. I will revisit the juice diet later on during my journey and especially when I get a real juicer.
So, what have I been up to you ask?
I’ve joined my girl Crystal, who is a HUGE inspiration to me. This girl is a BEAST when it comes to working out and her weight loss journey is an AMAZING one. Since I need all the help I can get I decided to join her in THE ALTSOBANIAN WARRIORS September Challenge over at Myfitnesspal

It involves:
-          Not going over your allotted calories in the day
-          Drinking 64oz + of water per day
-          We also have to do these insane workouts on top of the workouts we’ve already planned for the day. These are our Challenge Workouts and we have to do them 6 Days per week.
-          Weigh in every Sunday

Challenge workouts are like this every other day:

Week 1 Challenge consisted of the following:

Day 1 - 50 Squat Kicks, 50 Jumping Jacks , 50 Crunches, 50 Mountain Climbers, 50 Wood Chops and 50 Globe Jumps!

Day 2- 2 sets of 15 Swimmer’s Presses, 2 sets of 21’s, 2 sets of 15 Dumbbell Chest Fly’s, 2 Sets of 15 Lawnmowers, 2 sets of Tricep Kickbacks, 2 sets of 15 Shoulder Shrugs (weighted)

Weeks 2 Challenge consisted of the following:

Day 1 - 5 minute bear walk, 50 Toe Touches, 50 Crunches, 100 Jumping Jacks, 50 Burpees, 20 Windshield Wipers, 50 Split Squats

Day 2 - 3 sets of 15 Swimmer’s Presses, 3 sets of 21’s, 3 sets of 15 Dumbbell Chest Fly’s, 3 Sets of 15 Lawnmowers, 3 sets of Tricep Kickbacks, 3 sets of 15 Wood chops, 20 Pushups

Day 3 is the same as Day 1 and Day 4 is the same as Day 2 and so on.

My Workouts for September so far are:

September 1st: Insanity Pure Cardio, Insanity Cardio Abs, Jackie Xtreme Timesaver, PLUS Day 1 of the Challenge. (see above)

September 2nd: KenpoX and JM’s Yoga Melt Down and Day 2 of the Challenge.

September 3rd: Spin Bike (60 Mins) No Challenge

September 4th: REST

September 5th:  JM’s Burn Fat Boost Metabolism and Day 1 and Day 2 of the 1st weeks Challenge

September 6th: KenpoX & Day 1 and Day 2 of Weeks 2 Challenge + 150 Squats.

Today: Insanity Cardio, Insanity Cardio Abs and Day 3 of Weeks 2 Challenge.

Oh and did I tell you I am doing this all without my heart rate monitor?!?!?! Sucks royally! I have shipped it off to get the battery changed b/c it would stop calculating my heart rate during mid workout. So, I am really missing it! :o(

I’m all over the place with the Challenge workouts b/c I was doing them on my own and when I found out they needed 2 more members I decided to join in last night. So, I’m all caught up on this Challenge and looking to do some major damage in collecting MEGA points. I have been trying to get some running/walking in but, it’s been raining since Sunday. I will keep you posted. 

Take care Fam and thank you for reading! Have a great week and Keep on Pushing!


Monday, August 22, 2011

1st Week of Juicing Fast Done

I hope everyone had a great weekend, I know I did! Today I start day one of Week 2 of the Juice Fast. I first want to tell you all about Week 1.
1st of all I had trouble drinking the Bolthouse Smoothies all day everyday and had to switch it up on day 3, it was too sweet for me and started making me nauseous. I used Coconut water and mixed fresh fruits such as strawberries, bananas and pineapple with 2 tablespoons of Flaxseed, which was pretty good.
Now I’m going to be honest with you some days I cheated with a handful of trailmix or 5 saltine crackers with sea salt. Not too Bad but not exactly all juicing. The weekend was an overall Juicing FAIL:

Let’s Talk Numbers:

My current #'s                             
Weight: 182.8                                          
L&R Arm: 11.75                                     
L&R Thigh: 24.75                                    
Waist: 37.5                                             
Stomach 40.5

Week 1 Numbers:

Weight: 187.8
L&R Arm: 12.5
L&R Thigh: 25
Waist: 37.5
Stomach 42                                     

So, that’s a total of 5lbs down (which could have been more if I juiced over the weekend)

L&R Arm: -0.75 (off of each)
L&R Thigh: -0.25 (off of each)
Waist: 37.5 (SAME)
Stomach: -1.5

I’m okay with these results being that I wasn’t 100% on it, this week I will continue juicing and will now be able to work raw foods in and not forgetting lots of water!

My Workouts for the Week:

Mon- Walk/Run &1 on 1 with Jackie Upper Body
Tues- Jillian Michael’s Burn Fat Boost Metabolism & RI30
Wed- Walk/Run & Yoga
Thurs- Kenpo X & Jackie Xtreme Time Saver
Fri- Walk/Run & RI30
Sat- Rest
Sun- Walk/Run & Abs

It's been one week without coffee AHHHH that’s Banana’s!
I hope everyone is doing well and thank you my new readers for joining me in this crazy weight loss adventure of mine.

Have a great day and Keep on Pushing!

Much Love!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Day One of the Juice Diet

Hey there my Lovelies!
I hope everyone is doing well out in Blogland.
So, as you know it’s my 1st week back from vacation and I am still fighting those crazy 10lbs off that I gained. (Still can’t believe that ish) but anyway, my Girl has decided to step up her game in the Biggest Loser contest that she has going on at her job and has decided to do a Juice diet for the last 3 weeks of her competition and……. I’ve decided to join her.

This is how it goes:
1st week- Straight up Juices and Water
2nd week- Add in raw Fruits and Veggies (and all of the above)
3rd week- Add in Fish and chicken (and all of the above)

I don’t have a juicer so I am going to try it with drinking the Bolthouse Smoothies and Juices. They claim to be pure fruits and veggies. Check out their website here: Bolthouse Smoothies

Starting Stats:
Weight: 187.8
L&R Arm: 12.5
L&R Thigh: 25
Waist: 37.5
Stomach 42

Workouts for the Week: (This is subject to change depending on my energy level)

Mon: Jackie Xtreme Timesaver & Walk/Run
Tues: RI30 Level 1 Kenpo X
Weds: Jackie Xtreme Timesaver & Yoga Meltdown
Thurs: RI30 Level 1 & Walk/Run
Fri: P90X Plyometric
Sat: Rest
Sun: Walk/Run & Ab Work

Like I said this will change if my energy level is low. I am missing my coffee already, I don’t do black! :P
Big Shout out to Ro for always looking a sistah out, thank you Girlie!
So, here's to a New Start!
Keep on Pushing Ya'll!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I can’t believe I’ve haven’t updated in over a month. SMDH!!!! Last night I just got back from my 2 week vacation in St.Maarten and needless to say I have to kick things up a notch and a half. I weighed in this morning and I am up 10lbs. Tom is here and I am hoping some of that weight gain is from his visit because, I really can’t see myself gaining 10lbs in 2 weeks. I’ll be honest, the first week of vacation I was eating what I want but, I also worked out 4x that week. Now the 2nd week I ate what I want and didn’t workout at all. So, Yes I believe I am warrant a gain in some form or fashion but, I WILL NOT Digest a 10lbs gain!
Today I am back on clean eating and working it the hell on out. Friday I will see where I’m at and go on from there.

Monday- No Workout (Damn Shame)
Tuesday- JM’s 6 Weeks Abs, RI30 Level 1, 40mins Run/Walk

I have so many Blogs to catch up on, I hope everyone is doing well!

Take care and will catch up with you all soon!


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Checking In!

Hey Guys,
I just wanted to check in real quick! I have been on my “A” game lately and love the results. I’ve completed Level 1 of Ripped in 30 and started Level 2 on June 29th (Weds), Thursday I had a lot of running around so I didn’t have time to do 2 workouts and missed out on it, Friday I was going away for the weekend and didn’t have time for a second work out and for the rest of the weekend I didn’t do any Ripped in 30 b/c I forgot my DVD. So, today I started fresh on week 2.

4th of July Weekend: I had a great time and I am so proud of my eating. I did GREAT and the scale showed it this morning. 183.4…. Yes Ma’am! I ate clean got my workouts in, F’d up the backs of my ankles by running in new kicks that gave me blisters but, I pushed on through and made it WERK!!!!!

My workouts as of Late:

Tuesday (28th)– RI30 and Zumba
Wednesday - RI30 and Yoga Melt Down
Thursday – Turbo Punch Kick and Jam
Friday – Walk/Run and Strength Training (Upper Body)
Saturday- REST
Sunday- 30 Day Shred Level 1 and Run/Walk
Monday- 30 Day Shred Level 1
Today- RI30 Level 2 Day 1 of it and Run/Walk

I hope everyone is doing well and had a FANTASTIC weekend. I have some Blogs to catch up to! Take care and Keep on Pushing!

Much Love!


Monday, June 27, 2011

RI30/Hot Yoga/WKND Tracking and ECT....

I hope Everyone had a great weekend! Tomorrow will end my week 1 of “Ripped in 30”
The workout is definitely on point and I love some of the new cardio. I have been pushing myself to do every last set of each move. Though I am not going to front, every strength training movement she does includes some type of lunge or squat and to be honest the lunges are killing my knees. So, I do the same upper body movement JM does but, the lower body work I steal from Jackie’s DVD. I also do sumo squats because, it’s less stress on my knees and it really works my inner thighs which need it! J

Hot Yoga = Heck Yeah!
I’ve heard some great stuff about Hot Yoga from my Blog Buddies Ro and Haneefa and have searched high and low for some classes out here by me. Of course there are none given out here in my area of PA so I took the drive to NJ and did a 90min class. OMGeeee!!!! First off in the 1st 5mins of the class my head started dripping. I was able to 90% of the moves and thought I was going to pass out when I hit 30mins. I was thinking to myself “If this woman (instructor) does one more chair pose I am going to pass the “F” out” I was so happy when she had us lying on the floor and doing some crazy ass poses. I was able to do them and she said I was doing well but, once I got on the floor I didn’t want to get up. I loved the cool down and drank 16oz of water before the class, 24oz during the class and 16oz after. I was sweating from everywhere, my shins were even dripping. I am definitely going back again.

Weekend Tracking:
I did okay with this, I didn’t track everything because, I was snacking so dang on much! I really need to control my weekend eating habits. I do so well during the week and when the weekend comes around its like POOF!!!! Everything is out the window. This is a struggle for me and I am definitely going to keep working on this.

My Friends who left feed back on my last post. Thanks so much for your encouraging words. I know from the looks of things we all are going to fulfill our Summer Goals! Much love to you All!

Oh, and this week I am featured on Josie’s Blog from Yum Yucky sharing what Fitness means to me. So check it out!

Last Weeks Workouts:
Mon- Upper Body Strength Training and Run/Walk 45mins
Tues- RI30 and Run/Walk 45mins
Weds-RI30 and JM’s Yoga Melt Down
Thurs- RI30 and Kickboxing
Friday- RI30 and Zumba
Sat- Hot Yoga

Here’s to making this week a better one! Thank you for stopping by and stay tuned because, it ain’t over until it’s over!