Saturday, May 29, 2010


That’s exactly what I did last night with one of my girl’s. We have been dying to go running together for over a month and a half but, something has always come up. Well, yesterday we finally made it happen. We ran a little over 2 miles and sped walk for almost 3miles. Now, I am not afraid to admit I hate running. If it’s not running to a base to be safe or dribbling a ball or crossing the finish line for a 100 meter dash I’m not trying to do it. My girl has always been a runner and she just started to run again to get in shape this March! She was good….great even. I wanted to stop so many times but, kept going because, I saw her drive. YES!!! I did stop a couple of times but, wanted to stop so much more than that but, kept on going! I am so proud of myself for actually running.

This interest all started from a fellow Blogger “M”, she had never been a runner herself and decided to give it a try and now she loves it. I remember all of her trials and tribulations in the beginning but, she has over come them all and is doing great. I hope to gain that same love for it as she did. Lord knows it is a great work out and this is definitely new to my body so, maybe I will see the great changes she has. THANK YOU “M”!!! Ya’ll check her out!!!

Friday- Pure Cardio JM’s Yoga Meltdown + 10 Min. Trainer Abs + Walk/Run
Saturday- Kenpo X
Sunday- Spin + JM’s Yoga Meltdown

I’m still eating clean, logging my foods, staying within my calorie in take, drinking 14 cups of water on the average and O. M. G. still drinking my coffee!!! Other than the coffee drinking I’ve been sticking to my goals and am happy about that.

I hope you all have a FANTASTIC weekend, thank you for reading and for dropping me a line. I love hearing from you all! Keep on Pushing!!


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Staying on My "A" Game!

Today is Thursday and I am looking forward to this long weekend. I don’t have anything special planned but, just being off from work is great by itself. I have to be super good with my eating and workouts. I have a goal to make and I am 3.6lbs away. I know it’s ludicrous to think I can lose that much weight in less than a week but, I have been eating super clean, lots of fruits and veggies, drinking lots of water and eating fish! My workouts have been strictly Cardio/Yoga/Abs. I will start lifting next week after weigh in. Plus I have been working out twice a day! So far I’m down to 182lbs…that’s a 1.6lbs lost. I’m going hard on this one Ya’ll!!! 180 here I come! :D

My Workouts:
Wednesday- Taebo & 10 Min Trainer Abs
Thursday- Insanity Pure Cardio + Yoga
Friday- Insanity Pure Cardio + Walk/Run

Thank you for reading and leaving comments, I love hearing from you all and WELCOME my new Followers, these are my Crazy Riffs!
Have a Great Day and Keep on Pushing!


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Weigh In and My "One Word Answers"

Good Day My Blog Fam!
Today’s Weigh in was 183.6… same as last weeks. The good thing about this weigh in is that I know what I did wrong. Now, moving forward towards change in the right direction!
Monday- Insanity Pure Cardio
Tuesday- 30mins Spin + 10 Minute Trainer Yoga
Now for my “One Word Answers” thank you Miss Haneefa for sharing.
Hair – Thin
Your Mother – Crazy
Your Father – Amazing
Fav Food – Italian
Dream Last Night - Weird
Fav Drink – Water
What room are you in? – Bedroom
Hobby – Simming
Fear – Death
Where were you last night? – Home
Something that you aren’t – Liar
Muffins – Carrot
Wish List Item – Remodeling
Where you grew up – St.Maarten
What you are wearing – Sweats
Your Pet – Nope
Friends – Love
Something you’re not wearing – Socks
Fav Store – Aldo’s
Fav Color – Gray
Last time you laughed – Today
Your Best Friend – Amazing
Best Place you go over and over – St. Maarten
Person who you email regularly – Kathy
Fav Place to Eat – Home
I hope you all have a an AMAZING day and Keep On Pushing!
Thanks for

Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend Hit or Miss!

Good Morn-Ting!!! I hope you enjoyed your weekend. I know I did! Friday’s date with hubby was fabulous. We grabbed something to eat at Panera Bread because, the food is good and 2 mins away from the movie theater. I had the “Pick 2” special and had the low fat vegetarian Black Bean soup a half of tuna on honey wheat bread and an apple. It was delicious and filling. “Iron Man 2” was good, better than I anticipated and I didn’t indulge in any movie treats. After the movie we walked around the shopping plaza just window shopping, enjoying each others company and enjoying the beautiful night! When we saw Cold Stone Ice cream parlor…. Of course we stopped. This was this was my first time there and I had a Mint Chocolate chip brownie on a waffle cone! My Oh My…. it was good.

Saturday we took the train into NYC! We walked for hours taking the beautiful day in and trying to find a spot to have lunch at. We walked through Time Square to the end where all the tourists chill out. I looked to my left and what do you know, I spotted a Sushi restaurant called “The Blue Fin” it had nice décor and a friendly atmosphere. I had a glass of water and a whole wheat roll and a half. Then we spilt the Big Eye Tuna, Spicy Lobster and Yellowtail Sushi/Maki Rolls. It was so delicious, I will be sure to go back there again! We then went to a place called “Juniors” famous for their cheesecake and I had a slice of strawberry cheesecake. I was full for the rest of the day and we walked some more in the city and then walked back to the train station. I had such a great time with hubby and I didn’t feel guilty about any of my food choices.

Friday- Strength Training + Spin
Saturday- (Does walking all day count?) Rest
Sunday- P90X Cardio X + Spin.

I will weigh in tomorrow morning because, I forgot to do so this morning and have already consumed 3 glasses of water plus breakfast!

Thank you for the feedback about my fruit intake. I’m happy to know that I’ve been doing okay! I will make it my business to work more fresh fruits in as well. I hope you all have a great day and Keep on Pushing! 


Friday, May 21, 2010

The Best Things in Life Are...Free!!!!

Good Morning,
I first want to give a shout out to all of my new Followers! Welcome and Thank you for being with me on this Crazy Journey of mine. Yours and all of my Followers support is very much appreciated.
So, I have still been working out in spite of my knee pain. I’ve still been icing them and took 2 Aleve’s last night! The pain is a 6 on a scale from 1-10 but, I am going to Keep On Pushing through while listening to my body.

Thursday- 30 Day Shred Level 2 & Spin
Friday- Strength Training & Spin

I have been doing great with my food intake. Would you consider defrosted fruit used for shakes as a portion of your fruit intake? I use it when I eat cottage cheese, my parfait with Nonfat Plain yogurt and oatmeal but, it’s defrosted, blue/black berries, raspberries and strawberries. I know for a fact that I need to work more veggies in. I try eating one salad a day but, haven’t mastered that as yet.

This weight loss journey is definitely different from the ones in the past. I have been logging my food in at MyFitnessPal, same goes for my workouts and guess what? I peeked on the scale yesterday and was down to 182. J Let’s see if it’s real when Monday comes around!

Tonight Hubby and I are going to see “Ironman 2” and tomorrow we are going to NYC for lunch and some chill time. I love walking around in the city especially when the weather is nice and I have comfortable shoes. Speaking of which I need to get me a pair of cute flats to go with the new outfit in my closet, you know the one…. with the tags still on it, has never been worn in years but, you don’t give it a way because, you are hoping that one day you can fit it? Uhmm Humm Yup, that’s the one! I tried on all my size 12 dress pants and they all fit me! No cutting off the circulation, no riding up, nada!!! This has made me truly happy because, even though I’ve lost 26lbs, I was still wearing my size 14’s. So, now I have a new wardrobe without having to spend any money! Now, that’s what’s up!!!

I hope you have a great day! Remember to Keep On Pushing!!!
One Luv Ya’ll!


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Brand New Day……….

After Monday’s fiasco I decided to sit back and reevaluate my situation. First thing I thought about was how much my knees are hurting. Nothing is helping relieve the pain. Not icing them, popping pain killers,……… Nada!!! So, as much as I hate to do this I have to quit Insanity…..for a moment that is. When I feel my knees are back to normal I will continue where I left off with Insanity. When I get to my 1st goal of 170lbs I will see a doctor about them. I just don’t want to face any bad news about needing to have surgery right now. I am 13lbs from my main goal and I don’t want to be laid up gaining the weight I’ve lost back!

Monday’s Workout- Insanity Fit Test Spin & Abs
Tuesday- Spin and Arms Strength Training
Today- Yoga, Abs & Spin

I also weighed in yesterday and saw a 1.8lbs lost. I’m thinking that the gain on Monday was from the Sunday’s Insanity workout. Your muscles tend to swell when you work them out, which can cause a fluctuation in weight! So, when I did pure cardio on Monday I was dying to see if that was the reason. I was happy to see the scale go down but, am not going to dwell on it…. For real, I’m not! I have a new workout plan that I will be sticking to until my knees are feeling 100% better.
I have been eating clean and with good proportions. I have to work more veggies into my health menu. I drank an average of 12 cups of water a day and take a multi vitamin. I was coffee free 1 day this week! LOL!!! I know! I know!….. pitiful. I will get it down to 3days a week…. I hope!

Thanks guys for sticking with me, leaving me feed back and for all the Anniversary shout outs! I appreciate it so much! J I hope you all are having a great week so far! Keep On Pushing!


Monday, May 17, 2010

Do You Know What Today Is?

It’s My Anniversary! It’s My Anniversary! (Love that Song) 3 years of marriage and it still feels like day 1. I say that’s a good thing! No special plans for us until this weekend which is cool with me because, it’s so much easier for us to get someone to watch the kids!

Thursday- Cardio Recovery and Spin Bike
Friday- Cardio Power and Resistance
Saturday- Rest
Sunday- Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs

Today’s Weigh in: 185.4 a 0.6 gain!

Where should I start? What went down this weekend or my disappointment in my weight gain?  
I guess I will start with the fun stuff first. Friday night Hubby and I went out to eat, I ate a nice salad with a small proportion of wheat spaghetti and 1 turkey meatball, this was all before 8pm so I didn’t fail with my goal of not eating after 8pm.

Saturday I missed my workout and counted it as my rest day! We went to a baby shower and to my surprise they served lots Vegan dishes, chicken shish kabobs, sautéed mushrooms, zucchini and squash, everything there was healthy. I didn’t go over board, I ate in proportion and was drinking my water with it. I did have a carrot cake cupcake for my dessert. It was a beautiful day with great friends and healthy food choices.

Sunday I had to get up early to pick my daughter up from a sleep over and then we went straight to her soccer practice. There I ran around kicking the ball with my 3yr old while my daughter practiced. We then went to get ice cream with my daughter’s friend and parents. I didn’t have any ice cream but, was happy to see how much the kids were enjoying theirs. By the time I got home I was beyond tired. I fed the kids, I ate a salad, bathed my son and popped in the Insanity DVD and got my workout in!!! Once I showered, I iced my knees and popped 2 pain killers and yet they are still killing me. I don’t know how I’m going to get through Insanity if my knees are feeling this bad.
Doing the power jacks, jumping jacks, power jumps anything that consist of power and jumping I couldn’t do, so I had to substitute the moves and keep on moving. Overall I had a great weekend.

Now, weigh in today I was a little sadden by the gain of 0.6. I’ve been doing everything right. Working out, eating clean and smaller proportions, drinking lots of water, not eating after 8pm, getting enough rest (besides this weekend). I don’t know if I should add more of a workout or if I’m not eating enough! Normally I don’t care what the scale shows because, I have been losing inches, but, I have the same measurements since April! Now, I’m nervous because, I’m not seeing any results anywhere! What are your thoughts on this? Any advice you can offer is greatly appreciated! I hope everyone is having a great day! Stay tuned because, there’s more to see!


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Days 7, 8 an 9 of Insanity -- It's Getting Better!

Monday- Cardio Power & Resistance
Tuesday-  Pure Cardio
Wednesday- Plyo Cardio Circuit

I am really enjoying Insanity. I love how it gets my heart rate up, I love the burn I feel in my arms, legs, buttocks, back and every other nick and cranny there is. I have been improving with each workout. I am burning more calories and am also able to push myself longer and harder. I was finally able to do power jacks without hurting myself when doing them fast. My knees were definitely killing me last night. I cooked dinner, made sure the kids were showered, cleaned the kitchen, took my shower and hit the bed with ice packs on both knees and 2 Aleves. When Hubby got home he made me a cup of green tea and I watched “Second Chances” on Lifetime! It was a movie I could have afforded to miss. Last night I went to bed late (not good I know) but I had to watch MTV’s “Fresh Meat”. That show really gets my adrenaline going! Makes me wanna bust out another workout. In my defense I have been in bed early all of the other days, still eating clean, drinking 12 + cups of water daily and yesterday was my first coffee FREE day! Just typing the word “coffee” makes me want to go get some!  Maybe I can cut it out every other day? LOL!!!
Today’s work out is “Cardio Recovery” this is pretty easy, mostly stretching so I will ride the Spin bike for the remainder of my lunch break! I am going to try and eat like I did yesterday; I had 400 calories remaining, very rare for me. I hope everyone is doing well and is staying active!

Thanks for reading and I love hearing from you so drop me a line! Take care and Keep On Pushing!!!


Monday, May 10, 2010

Week 1 of Insanity- Complete

Friday- Pure Cardio
Saturday- Plyo Cardio Circuit
Sunday- 30 Mins Spin Bike

I have completed Week 1 of Insanity. Today’s weigh in is 184.8! Moving in the right direction! J

I did PC on Friday and I enjoyed it. It was hard…. Yes! I had to take a few breaks…. Yes! But I made it through and was looking for more. So, what that tells me is that I can push myself harder! Why do I fear this pain? I know it hurts already and that I can’t breathe at times but, I’m not dead! So, what’s my problem?

I did PCC on Saturday and am so HAPPY to report that I burnt 25 more calories then I did the 1st time around. What this tells me is that I stuck with it, pushed myself harder, took less breaks and endured the pain! I can do this! I will do this!

My eating last week was 7 out of 10. I didn’t indulge in cakes and bad stuff but, proportions were not the smallest. I did go food shopping and the majority of my foods were fruits, veggies and healthy snacks, (Non fat plain yogurt, cottage cheese, laughing cow cheese, wheat thins and stuff like that) I am making salad for my dinner tonight and will have shake an hour after my workout. Oh, I also picked up some Green tea by Stash, to help me cut back on my coffee drinking. My sister put me on to this tea and I love it! When it’s brewing you can smell all of the goodness in it! Makes me feel healthier just by drinking it, I think I’m going to pick up a cute new mug! It’s something about cute mugs and coffee/tea, to me the cuter the mug the better the liquid inside tastes. Yeah, I know it’s all in my head but, it works for me! Lol!

This week I’m going to focus on the following:

- Pushing harder through each workout
- Eating Clean
- Substituting my coffee for tea (at least 3x)

I hope all my Mom’s out there had a great Mother’s Day yesterday! Today is a new day, let’s eat clean, get that workout in and stay focused. Stay tuned there’s more to see!


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 2, 3 and 4 of Insanity

Tuesday - Plyo Cardio Circuit
Wednesday - Cardio Power & Resistance
Thursday – Cardio Recovery

I don’t have to tell you how insane these workouts are but, DAAAAAAYUMMMM!!!! I got my tail served to me. PCC when we started the “warm up” we were in instant fast movement, everything was fast, switching from move to move, this last for 10 mins then we had a nice while to stretch and then after that it was on. I was moving so fast, feeling so winded, I wanted to pass out and not get up until morning but… No I kept pushing, I took breaks when needed and finished it up! Woooweeee!!!

CPR is off the chain, hence the abbreviation (CPR) This workout had my arms on FIRE!!!!! On top of the fast pace workout, V pushups while standing up and being on your tippy toes!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!! Arms were burning. I smiled when it was over because, I know this program is whipping me into shape! I LOVE IT!

CR, was pure Bliss! It was slow paced, lots of stretching, lots of quad burn, I didn’t burn as many calories with this workout because, it’s recovery, your heart rate doesn’t go up much but, it’s still awesome. I rode the Spin Bike to burn some extra calories today and felt really good. My legs feel like jell-o, I almost fell down the steps but, didn’t! LOL!!!

Tomorrow’s workout I know is going to be a beast “Pure Cardio”! Wowzer!
I’ve been sticking to clean eating minus my 3 pieces of quesadilla’s for lunch and dinner last night! I did stay under my daily calorie intake, didn’t eat after 8pm, have been taking in 14-16 cups of water, sticking with Insanity, getting in bed before 10pm! Oh and for the coffee….. ummm let’s say I’m still working on it! What can I say, I’m a work in progress!

Thanks everyone for your comments and sticking with me. Your words are so appreciated. Keep on Pushing through! Have a Good Night!


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Insanity and Beyond!

So, yesterday I did the fit test for Insanity and am happy to say I did a great job but, am looking forward to getting better results in week 3. I did the Shred Level 2 before the fit test to get a good calorie burn. I am also so happy to report that I stuck to my guns. I ate clean, started Insanity, was in the bed and asleep before 10pm (Whooop Whooop) and had no late snacking. I’m still working on my coffee cut back!

Results for Insanity Fit Test:

Switch Kicks- 64 
Power Jumps- 34 
Power Knees- 70 
Globe Jumps- 7 
Suicide Jumps- 15 
Push-up Jacks- 15 
Low Plank Oblique- 40 

Starting Weight: 186lbs
Waist 37 
Stomach 39 
Chest 40 

My Goals for Insanity are very short:

-          Just make it through the 1st week

This list will grow as I do each workout! Oh! Oh! Oh!!! I also stepped on the scale today and guess what……..LOST 1 lb!!!!!! Yes!! Yes!!! Yes!!!! Hello 185lbs. Let’s see if it will stick come weigh in on Monday!  I hope everyone has a Great day! Stay Tuned because, there’s more to see!


Monday, May 3, 2010

Pizza Anyone?

This weekend was a pizza filled weekend and yes…….I indulged too much. Friday I had a great workout to Jillian Michael’s “Burn Fat Boost Metabolism” burnt 500 calories ,ate clean up until dinner. It was family pizza night and I had more than enough calories to have 2 slices of pizza without feeling guilty. We tried the Hawaiian pizza which was delicious! Did I stop at 2? Nooooo, I had to have 1 more which pushed me over on my calorie intake. Then on Saturday had a healthy breakfast, started cleaning the house, washed the clothes, was so hungry because, I ignored my stomach until I was done cleaning the kitchen and of course I was hungry beyond repair and had 2 slices of pizza. Then we had the nerve to order pizza again that evening. Then on Sunday I ate well, went to my daughters soccer practice, ran ragged, played some basketball, went the grocery store and stocked up on fruits, salad ingredients, healthy snacks and stuff. We were so famished we stopped at KFC and I had that chicken sandwich. SMH… First time going to a fast food restaurant since March, Ughhhh I am delaying my progress!

I weighed in today and surprisingly I’m still at 186lbs which I am so grateful for because, I really thought I was going to be over in weight. I took my measurements and will take my before pix later on today for “Insanity”. I also have to do the fit test and will workout to the Shred or ride the Spin bike! Today I am starting the “Insanity” program and this will last for 60 Days. Tomorrow will be my first real “Insanity” workout.

Here are some goals I’m setting for myself, I’m not adding a weight loss number because, of course I want to lose weight and want that number to go down but, I need to get my head back in the game and work on some of the areas I have been slacking on.

Things I need to work on:

1-       No Late Night Snacking (after 8pm)
2-     1 cup of coffee every other day (oppose to everyday)
3-     Eat Super Clean

I think this is good for now. I used to drink 3-16oz cups of coffee on a daily bases. In January I cut back on my coffee to 1 8oz cup of coffee per day and for a while I went without coffee without even trying. I hadn’t even realized that I dropped it for almost 2 weeks. I want to try cutting back on it.  
As well as my eating after 8pm. There is no need for me to eat anything after 8pm, which also means I need to get in the bed earlier. I have been a night owl, hooked on reading Blogs and playing Farmville on Facebook! Eating Super Clean means staying on track with my clean eating, no more cookies, ring dings or M&M’s just because, I have enough calories left over. I can do this! I have done it for 3 months when I began my journey. Let’s just say April has been a bad month and it’s time for me to get back on my horse and get this fat off of me.
I will report back later with my “Insanity” before stats.
Have a great one and Keep On Pushing!!!