Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Feel Real Good!!!!

I hope everyone is having a great week so far! I am so happy the weekend is almost here. I am ready to take some pix in my new skinny jeans that in the waist are too big but, I won’t return them because, I want to wear them on Saturday night. Crazy right? I know! I will wear a belt! Saturday night Hubby and I are going into the city to celebrate our friend’s birthday and then I am taking him to a comedy show that he has no idea about! I have been doing everything right and though I haven’t been jumping on the scale to see my work, I just know it’s all good because…… I feel real good! I feel lighter, look thinner and my clothes are fitting really good!
I am finally focused. I’ve been sticking to eating clean, getting my water in and working out. I’ve finally taken my workouts to the next level. Meaning, I no longer am satisfied with a 30-45min workout burning 400 calories. I want to see 60mins + and that I have accomplished all this week but, yesterday. I did my first workout on my lunch break and was supposed to get one more in after but, had to go food shopping. To me that was more important because, without my eat goods in the house I am setting myself up for failure. 


Wednesday: JM’S No More Trouble Zones
Time: 49
Calorie Burn: 400

Thursaday: P90X Arms & Shoulders, Spin & Insanity Cardio Abs
Time: 97 mins (1hr 37mins)
Calorie Burn: 840

Question to those of you that use a Heart Rate Monitor while working out, Do you find yourself being obsessive with your calorie burn oppose to the type of workout you had?

I’m speaking with my girl about this and I was ranting on and on about how my Wednesday workout was crap because, I didn’t have a high calorie burn. Now, I felt every move during that 49 min workout and my arms, shoulders and abs were on FIAHHHH!!! (Wendy Williams) She also made a great point about us not even worrying about how many calories we burnt before, when we used to work out. We just worked out and knew it was a good one. So, with that said I will no longer stress over my calorie burn. If I feel my workout was a good one then I am completely satisfied!
Tomorrow, if it doesn’t rain, my two friends and I are going running! I get so excited when I am going to run, I have no idea why because, I literally feel as if I’m going to die. So, I’m crossing my fingers for nice weather tomorrow. You guys have a great evening and I will be Blogging with you soon!

Much Love!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Shred It Or Dread It!!!!

Hey! Hey! Hey! I hope everyone is having a Fabulous day start of the week thus far! I am back with a review of Jillian Michael’s “Shred-It with Weights”. I tried this workout yesterday and was highly disappointed. It’s nothing and I mean nothing like her regular Shred DVD. That’s what I was expecting…. Only with weights! The only thing this DVD is shredding is my pockets. I so wish we could take it back! Actually I think I’m going to look into returning it.
I am definitely not doing this workout for 30 Days so I am back to the drawing board with a 30 Day workout plan.


Monday: Shred it with Weights + Spin
Time: 60mins
Calorie Burn: 500
(In the 25 min workout with JM I only burnt 185 calories…Pathetic I know!)

Tuesday: P90X Chest/Back + Jog/Walk
Time: 79 mins
Calorie Burn: 740
(I did okay with the run. I did a lot of walking up the hills but, was happy that I just got up and did it!)

Wednesday: Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones + Insanity Cardio Abs
(Details will follow)

I think I’m going to do cardio with a mix between Yoga and Abs on Mon/Weds/Fri and P90X Strength Training on Tues/Thurs with a run. P90X has the best Weight lifting DVD’s and I can rotate them each week.
Saturday I will do what ever I am in the mood for and hopefully it’s something! J
I am happy to say that my eating has been on point. No slip ups, no bad decisions, using proportions and getting in my veggies and fruits!
I am up on my water game averaging 15 cups per day.

This weekend is a friend’s birthday and we are going to BBQ’s for dinner and then I’m surprising my Hubby with a comedy show after. I am going to do a high cardio something and will eat clean as a whistle for breakfast and lunch in case I am bad with my ordering. I don’t think there is anything healthy at BBQ’s but, I will look up a menu before I go.
Sunday I am going to the Farmers Market with my friend who I go running with on Friday’s! Speaking of which, we have a date this Friday evening to go running, I am looking forward to this much, I may switch up my Friday cardio workout for a P90X one and the running will be my cardio!! I’ll let you know how that goes!!!

I hope everyone had a great day and no matter how hard things are going just Keep on Pushing!

Much Love!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend News…..

 Happy Monday!!!! I am so ready to start this new week. Forgetting about my last weeks mishaps and focusing on making smarter choices. I feel my mojo coming back…. And I’m loving it!!!! I’m still working on losing the 7lbs that I gained and am happy to see the scale going in the right direction. TOM is peeking his ugly head so I can’t help to wonder if my loss today would have been greater if he weren’t. Either way I’m not dwelling on it, I am just going to keep on moving forward.

This weekend I was so happy it was raining. It gave me the perfect excuse to lay up in bed and catch up on Criminal Minds, The Vampire Diaries and some great Blogs!!! I also learned that I am definitely not alone during this journey. I read that many of my Blog buddies fell off with eating clean and struggled with getting workouts in just as I did but, what’s different from them is that they made themselves accountable by still Blogging about it. Me, I just stop everything as if it’s going to make things right by me not making myself accountable for my short comings in this weight loss life style! That’s something I’m going to change. I will still Blog even if it’s not something positive about my journey. Shoot, we all know we don’t stick to eating healthy, working out and dropping weight everyday/week. So, it’s time for me to get focused.

(Off topic) Has anyone tried the Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin flavored hot coffee? O.M.G. it’s so delicious. I drink a Medium with 3 pumps of Pumpkin and cream!! It takes me to another world of goodness. I swear to you that I’m an addict. I’ve been drinking those suckers twice a day!! My Goodness!!!

Ok back on track…. My workout’s this weekend:

Saturday- Rest

Sunday- JM’s Burn Fat Boost Metabolism
Time: 50 Mins
Calorie Burn: 525

Eating was a hot mess that I could have stood working out on both days for an hour plus. What!!!

So, my goals for this week are:

1.      Start Shred it with Weights
2.     work out for an hour a day
3.     Burn 500 + calories
4.     Fight the crave of DD’s Pumpkin Coffee (Tues-Fri)

I think these are doable. I am going to take my measurements tomorrow because I forgot to this morning. I did weigh in which was 182lbs!

Question for you ladies, when measuring your stomach and bust area where and how do you do it? For stomach to you suck in or relax it? For Bust is it right above the bust (meaning chest area) or do you measure from the nipples around? Your feedback is appreciated greatly, thanks!
Have a great Day my Loves!!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Back on Track!!

Hey Everyone,
I hope you all are doing and feeling FABULOUS!!!
I am HAPPY to admit that I am finally getting back in the swing of things, sticking to eating clean and staying under my calorie count. Yesterday, I had to go into the office for training and as soon as I hit the first aisle, I was greeted with DD’s Pumpkin muffins, an assortment of bagels and donuts. I picked up my note pad and headed straight for class with my 32oz cup of water and my DD Pumpkin coffee in hand.
We had our first break and I stayed in the classroom and ate my peach. I had a salad for lunch and my homemade parfait for snack. I went to say hello to some of my friends and BAM!!!! Chips and Spinach dip! Now, I did take some chips and dips and by the end of the day consumed 2 servings of each! Bad…but could have been worse. Now, check this out. After training there was cake and ice cream. The cake looked scrumdeliumptious and I wanted to dig in but, kept on walking. For this being my 1st week on top of my eating clean game I think I did great.
Now for my workout report:

Tuesday: 30 Day Shred Level 2 and Level 3
Time: 50 mins
Calorie Burn: 450

Weds: Shred Level 1 & Burn Fat Boost Metabolism
Time: 77mins
Calorie Burn: 760

Thursday: Spin Bike
Time: 40mins
Calories: 410

Friday: Treadmill Walk/Run (I did 3.25 miles on speed 4.0-5.0, my cool down was 4.3 I'm super proud of myself since I haven't ran since July)
Time: 45mins
Calorie Burn: 510

So, I fell short of my goal to working out an hour a day and burning 500 calories! I am going to aim for this goal again but, this time I will reach it. Monday I will be starting the 30 Day Shred with Weights and will be doing a 30 min workout along with it!! I really love the No More Trouble Zones DVD but, I may not do that one being that the SWW will be working my arms out already, I will ride the bike, do P90X Kenpo X or BFBM one of the three. So, here’s to sticking to plan and pushing ourselves to our limit! Have a great weekend!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Shred it with Weights!!!!

Hey Everyone!! I hope you all had a safe and happy Labor Day! I did enjoy the day off doing nothing but watching Criminal Minds! J In my defense I did workout and I ate pretty well. So, you know how I wanted to start Insanity yesterday? Well, I found out that Jillian Michael’s is dropping her New Shred it with Weights so of course I ordered it and it should be here this week. I am going to do this program with a mixture of her other programs for 30 Days. I will take measurements, before pictures and all! So, this week I am doing 2 workouts from JM’s collection and trying to get 1 hr of exercise in, burning 500 calories a day!!!
So, if anyone wants to join me in doing the Shred it with Weights it’s being released TODAY and I plan to start it on Monday the 13th.

Monday- JM’s No More Trouble Zones (this one is bananazzz) + JM’s Yoga Melt Down
Time: 72 mins
Calorie Burn: 660

Tuesday: Burn Fat Boost Metabolism + 30 Day Shred Level 1
Calorie Burn:

I hope you all are having a great start of the week! Let’s stay focus and Shed our fat suit’s!

Much Love,

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Take 2!!!!

Okay, I’m back for real this time! I have been super busy at work and that’s when I am able to catch up on Blogs and create new posts. So, I apologize again for my absence. This time I have better news than last time. Well since I’ve been slacking for the past month and a half I’ve gained back 7lbs. I started seriously watching my food intake and working out on Monday the 30th. Since then I’ve lost 1.5lbs with 5.5 more to go to get me back to where I’ve left off.
Monday the 6th I am going to give Insanity another go! I did invest in some Bio Freeze for my knees and will see if that helps! My food hasn’t been the cleanest but, I have been using proportions and staying within my calorie intake. I will be back in the swing of things sooner than later.

So, how has everyone been doing? I can’t wait to catch up on everyone’s Blogs to see what I’ve missed! J I also wanted to say thank you to OverweightinSoCal for the Versatile award. I will post a separate post with all the award details!!! Thank you Hon!!                                      


Today’s Workout
1-       Insanity Pure Cardio (I need to get use to this so why not)
2-     30 Day Shred Level 2

Okay, so I’m off to reading and doing the catch up thang! Have a Fabulous Day!!!

Much Love! ~Leelee~