Wednesday, July 21, 2010

She's Alive! ALIVE!!!! Muwhaahaa

Hey my Lil Chickadee’s!!! I apologize for my absence but, I have been going 100 miles an hr with thinking and planning and thinking some more. I will tell you all about it.

First, I want to say that I am still doing great with eating clean and working it out!
I didn’t weigh in last week because TOM was here and why let him rain on my parade, right? So, I ignored him and continued to eat clean and workout as normal. No extra workouts this week, No running, still waiting on my partner in crime (Hubby) but, over all I am still on track and talks of getting a treadmill is in the air!! YES!!!!!

I am on Week 6 of P90X and love this Phase. The weight lifting workouts in this phase are no joke. Every other day I am feeling pain from these workouts. Love it! I also FF through the 30 sec breaks in Plyometrics and have been getting some major burn. (51mins=500 calories) oppose to (58mins= 495 calories) I have to keep going, keep my heart rate up, I have no time for water breaks nor does this body!! WHAT!!!!!

So, what have I been thinking and planning about you ask?
My creative juices have been flowing and I have been thinking about writing a children’s book. Why a Children’s Book? Well, I was online buying books for my 10 year old daughter and really didn’t come across anything good. Everything seem to have something to do with Drama Queens, Secret Crushes, Boy’s and ect… stuff I really don’t want her to be focusing on. So, I said why not write something for children in her age group that has nothing to do with stuff like that! I used to write stories with my Sims 2 PC game and got a lot of great ratings on them so, I said why not try it….the kids may like it!!! I’m not doing it to become rich and famous, (though that would be nice) but, want something different for the kids, you know what I mean?
Now, does anyone know anything about publishing? I have no clue how to get my book out there. Any help, suggestions and feed back are always appreciated!

I have so much Blog catching up to do it’s not even funny!!! So bare with me Ya’ll, Izza coming! Take care and have a great week!

Much Love!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Losing it with Jillian

A friend of mine told me about this show a week ago and I just got caught up on all the episodes online!
I think this woman is phenomenal! What she does for these families is just admirable. If you haven't so already, do check it out! Losing it with Jillian 

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Can you Say "OH MYYY GOSH?!?!?!"

I hope everyone had a great Holiday weekend, I know I did and I have the scale to show for it! I already broke my goal with eating clean the whole month of July. It was down hill on July 2nd when I made my goals. What a screw up!!! I stepped on the scale on Sunday and had a 2.2lbs gain! Oh Myyyyy Gosh!!!!
I woke up on Monday (Yesterday) and brushed it off!!! I started back with eating clean and working it out… Hard. This morning I got on the scale and am already down a pound!!! Jiggaaaaa!!!! Can you sing it with me? Jiggaaaaaa…What’s My Mutha Bleepin Name?
I am still feeling great about this month and am so amped to get this weight thang done. I am on Week 4 of P90X, also known as my Recovery week. I skip the Yoga workouts all the time and supplement them with some cardio. I will do Yoga this weekend because, I have the time to do it.

My Workouts this Week:

Monday- P90X Yoga JM’s Burn Fat Boost Metabolism
Tuesday- P90X Core Synergistics + Spin Bike 30 Mins
Wednesday- P90X Kenpo X + Spin Bike 30 Mins
Thursday- P90X X Stretch JM’s Burn Fat Boost Metabolism + Ab Ripper X
Friday- P90X Core Synergistics + Spin Bike 30 Mins
Saturday- P90X Yoga +Ab Ripper X

No more slacking, falling off my “A” Game… None of that!! I am just looking ahead and working towards any kind of loss under 177lbs! I will be reporting back to you soon with nothing but, good news!!
Thanks for Reading and leaving your comments, you guys really Rock My World!!! Have a Great week!

Much Luv!

Friday, July 2, 2010

I'm Feeling So LOVED!!!!!

I’m feeling so Loved! I received not 1 but, 2The Fabulous Sugar Doll Blogger Award”! Whoop! Whoop!
One from Ro @ Ro is Getting Fit and the other from PhluffyPrincess @ Fighting My Fat Gene! Both these ladies are inspirational and Pure Greatness. Following their journey of a healthier way of life has really made me focused and wanting to commit. Ro, has helped me in a great way with her eating habits. She always has something new to share and her Vlogs are always one to be remembered. PhluffyPrincess shows you that you can work fitness into your busy life style. Being a Med student, working and getting fit… is commendable. Please, check them out!!

Now for the Rules……

The Rules:

•Thank the recipient

•Link back to the giver

•Reveal 10 things about me

10 Things About Me:

1-       At the age of 10 I moved with my parents, brother and my two younger sisters to the island of St.Maarten in the Netherlands Antillies and lived there for 8yrs!

2-     At the age of 18 I moved back to NJ due to hurricane Luis destroying 80% of the island. My High School was included in the 80%.

3-     I can speak, read and write in Dutch.

4-     I bought my first house at the age of 25. (currently living in it)

5-     I’ve always wanted to learn how to “Street Dance”. You know bust the move like the girl’s from P. Diddy’s “Making the Band”. I have been seriously thinking about taking some kind of Hip Hop dance class.

6-     Though I love wearing Tees and sweats with a fresh pair of kicks! I love dressing up and wearing a Fly pair of heels which show off my calves.

7-     I don’t wear make up. Not that I don’t want to….. I just don’t know how to apply it! L So, any takers on giving me a one on one, feel free!!!!

8-     I think I missed my calling as an Interior Designer! I think that’s why I am so infatuated with the PC game “The Sims 2” I just love decorating their homes. I have to share pictures of my Simmies homes one of these days.

9-     I absolutely hate the Month of July! Even though it’s a month full of family celebrations. My daughter has to leave me to spend time with her sperm donor in VA!!! She leaves on Sunday! L

10-  I am in dying need of getting trees cut down in my yard! I am feeling closed in and it’s time to break free!

Yes, I am a pretty boring person but it is what it is!!!
Now for passing the torch, here’s to another group of Ladies that are truly AMAZING:

All my other peeps already got one!!! You all are great and I love reading your Blogs!!! Let’s Get it!!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hit........ or Miss!!!!

Good Morn-Ting!!!
I completely missed posting this yesterday because, I was pooped. Yesterday was my weigh in and I missed my goal of 175lbs by 2lbs. It wasn’t a complete miss because, in my head when I was setting my goals my hopes were to lose 5lbs per month, which I did! So, I am happy with that, I won’t reward myself with the Zumba DVD’s by Beto Perez but, will adjust my July’s goal to lose 5lbs by July 31st! If I lose 7lbs in July I will reward myself with the Zumba DVD’s plus which ever reward I select for July! Is that fair?

So, yesterday morning I didn’t go running but, I did wake up and hit the Spin bike. I popped one of the DVD’s in and took off pedaling. This DVD was 52 minutes long and it was nothing like me just hopping on and doing my normal pedaling routine. You know pedaling fast at a lighter resistance, than making the resistance harder for a minute, then standing up for a minute…. Uhhhh Uhnnnn!!! This man had me going in the 1st couple of minutes! I didn’t last 20 minutes with Mr. DVD Instructor. He literally kicked my Butt!!! I did ride for 30 minutes but, the last 10 minutes was riding my way!

So, for July I am going to challenge myself.

-         Lose 5lbs in July but, will work hard for 7lbs
-         Build myself up to completing the Spin DVD
-         Eating Clean (No Cheat meals)

After reaching 170lbs I will have reevaluate my plan because, I am working towards my healthy weight of 155lb. So, even though I am so close to my 1st Goal I still have a ways to go!

Wednesday- P90X Arms and Shoulders + Spin Bike (Done)
Thursday- P90X Legs and Back + Insanity Pure Cardio
Friday- Spin DVD + Ab Ripper X
Saturday- Running + TBL Yoga (if no run I will do P90X Kenpo X or Spin)

I hope everyone has a great day! Let’s Get It!!!

Much Luv!