Tuesday, May 31, 2011

2 Workouts to Not Sleep On..........

 I've been working out to these 2 workout plus running and walking all of last week. These 2 workouts will have your arms and shoulders BURNING!!! I LOVE IT!!!! 

I am down another pound. 1lb more to go, to get back where I started in Jan (186LBS) SMH!!! I am eating good and drinking my water, I am feeling good. The way things are going now I think I can reach 175 by the end of July!!
I am training for another 5K and Today I had a NSV....Sistah Girl ran for 18mins straight.... Wha Wha!!! That's a BIG  HUGE deal to me. :D I Ran/Walked 2.7 miles today in 35 mins...still have a lot of work to put in to shave some time off of my last 5K which I did in 40mins and walked 3 mins of the the 40. I'm going to keep at it and am going to run at least 5 days a week. 
I hope you all had a Fabulous Memorial Day weekend!
Keep up the hard work and keep on pushing!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Running Another 5K and My Meal Plan

So, as you all know I am still catching up on my Favorite Blogs and have so many new ones to read. Reading Haneefa's Blog Blog has got me wanting to Run, Run and Run some more. So, I went ahead and signed up for another 5K on the 4th of July.
Now, being that I hadn’t completed the C25K program I was thinking of starting on Week 6, which will give me 4 weeks to complete the program and 2 weeks to run 3mile practice runs. This past Sunday was my race, I ran yesterday and check this out…I ran 2.8 miles in 28 minutes. So, I am feeling confident that I can shave some time off of my 1st 5K race. May God spare any injuries, sickness and terrible weather!!!! I’m going to do it. I will run tomorrow and instead of walking and running the minutes given I am going to aim for the miles.

It will normally look something like this:
-Walk 5mins at a Brisk pace
-Jog a half a mile or 5mins and so on….so in reality I can jog for 5 mins but, it doesn’t mean that I jogged a half mile. Ya Got me?
So, check this out….my Hubby comes home with a crap load of SlimFast and he’s been following the plan. So, to be supportive I told him I will do it with him. The difference is he drinks only the shakes every 3hrs and nothing to eat. Phssst Not Me Boy… I drink 2 shakes, eat 3 snacks and a 500 calorie meal and I feel great doing it. I started my 4th week today!!

After reading up on Ro and watching her cooking Vlogs has me wanting to try new meals because, I am no cook. I can cook to survive and that’s it. So I was so HAPPY to find this recipe with Sautéed pineapple, red and green peppers and turkey meatballs…um umm ummmmm!!! I went out to get some of the missing ingredients and will cook it this week. Thanks Ro….You Da Bomb Ma!!! Oh and I am also so proud of how well you did on your 30 Day challenge. ::High 5::

Gett’n Dirty:
-Yesterday’s workout was a 2.8 mile run and I walked some. I also did Abs & 3 sets of arm exercises with weights and 200 squats.
-Today’s workout was P90X’s Kenpo X.
-Tomorrow’s workout will be Running week 6 of the C25K and a P()X strength video, probably shoulders/chest/Triceps.

I can’t thank ya’ll Ladies enough, you have truly inspired me and keep me motivated. I thank you ALL for reading and fear not to comment, I love hearing from you guys and will be passing by your spot soon. So, bear with me!
Keep on Pushing Ya’ll!

Much Love,

Sunday, May 22, 2011

I Did It and I’m……..

Still ALIVE!!!! I ran my 1st 5K in 40 mins on the dot. I know! I know! I need to improve but, that was my goal, to run it in 40mins. Oh, and to not come in last. I am definitely going to run another one in July. I am going to start the C25K program on Tuesday starting from Week 1. Thank you Ro, Haneefa and Josie for the feedback, I took your advice and made it through. So, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you sooooo Much! For real!!!


So, let me tell you the details….1st thing, I tried to get in bed early last night, which I did (at 7pm) can you say “Too Dang on Early?” I was up reading Blogs & watching Vlogs (Thanks Ro for the entertainment you are so Funny, had me cracking up). I fell back to sleep at 1:15am. Got up at 5am & was out the door at 5:45pm. The race was in Jersey about a 2 hr drive. I make it way ahead of time and had to use the bathroom baaaad! The school was locked. So, I drove over to the park and thank goodness the bathroom was unlocked. After taking care of business guess who comes peeking his Ugly ol head? Um Humm….T.O.M. Just great, my 1st 5K, shin pains and now T.O.M.

T.O.M. was here but, he didn’t stop my flow. I did my thing anyways. But wait here’s the Best part of T.O.M. being here. I weighed in and hadn’t gained any weight and my stomach wasn’t bloated. I actually look good around the middle. (Still have a long way to go but, getting there) So, I can’t wait until he’s gone so I can weigh in….I hear a loss coming on. Well at least I hope.

After the race I went to Whole Foods. Mind you, I’m not a regular shopper at Whole Foods because, I don’t have one near by. But, being that I was in Jersey I stopped in. Can I ask you all what do you buy in there? Like what are things to buy in Whole Foods that you don’t get in other stores? Please share because, I was in there looking at stuff with the “WTF” look on my face and it didn’t help that that ish is so expensive. So, I didn’t want to be picking up stuff just because. I ended up getting some green tea, Jasmine Rice, sweet potato fries and some fresh baked bread. I don’t know why because, I rarely eat bread…. I guess because that was the only thing on sale. Ya’ll Holla at me because. I really wanna hear your feed back.

I hope you all are having a great weekend. Keep on Pushing!

P.S. I want to thank my new readers for joining me on this crazy weight loss journey of mine. I see you!! 


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

1ST 5K and...................

I'm a Nervous Wreck!
I have my 1st 5K this Sunday and I am going bananaz over it. I am losing sleep over this mess, which is crazy. I think I’m feeling this way because, I know I haven’t completed the C25K due to me being sick, weather delays and my foot injury but, most of all because, I know in my heart I won’t be able to run the whole thing. Is that bad if I can’t run the whole thing? Will others look at me with the side eye for walking when I’m tired? Is it against the 5K rules?

I am very competitive and I’m not sure I feel this way because, my friend who’s a runner is doing it with me and I know she is going to whup my tail and leave me in the dust. She runs 3 miles almost every day for the past year. She should leave me in the dust with the training she has, right?

For anyone who ran their 1st 5K or did anything that terrified the mess out of you, how did you get through it? For 1st 5Kers did any of you have to walk? What did you think about to keep your mind off of being out of breath and from dropping down and almost dying?

As you all know I am catching up on everyone’s Blog and came across Alexia's post over at dimplesnatcher. It was very informative and it was comforting to know she felt the exact same way I am feeling right now. She mentioned or maybe it was a comment someone left for her about my brain is going to tell me to stop way before my body wants to. How do I get past that? How do I push my body through that notion of wanting to stop because, my brain is telling it to? Any suggestions or feed back on this is greatly appreciated.

Today’s Workout:
-          30 Day Shred Level 1
-          35mins of Spin. ( I would have ran but, of course it’s raining Cats and Dogs over here) SMH!!!

Have a great evening and Keep on Pushing!!!

Monday, May 16, 2011


Hey Blog Fam, 
I know I have been Missing in Action and I really do apologize for leaving my Blog Fam. without any rhyme or reason as to why. With my weight loss journey, all of the workouts, clean food shopping, preparing meals, handling things on the home front, working my J.O.B (Just over broke), keeping up with my Blog became like another job for me. I just felt overwhelmed with everything. So, I decided to stick with my workouts and stop Blogging about it. I hope you all can forgive me, I thought about you guys so often and hoped that all was going well on your Weight Loss Journey!
I have been still sticking to eating right and working out, I even stepped things up a notch with my workouts. I reevaluated things after the New Year rolled around and with all of the ups in downs in my weight, I’ve ONLY LOST 23lbs! To me that is horrible, 23lbs in a whole year?!?!?!?
So, I adjusted my weight loss to the correct number and have been struggling to keep the number moving down.
So, check this….my job started a Biggest Loser Contest, so around the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday’s I decided not to really worry about working out and watching what I ate because, I wanted to gain weight for the contest. BIG MISTAKE!!! Wrong thing to do!!!! Yes, I gained some weight maybe 6lbs over the 2 months. Not that bad right? Well, when the contest started in Jan I was losing my already gained pounds and it was steady week after week until I hit a plateau. I readjusted my workouts and eating habits and that number has kept going up. The last time I weighed in I was at 186lbs and that was on Jan 22, 2011. It is now May 16, 2011 and I am still up.
I started training for my first 5K run which is on Sunday the 22nd. I started the C25K program which was working out for me but, with all the snow we had in March and April really messed me up with my training. I had to resort to other workouts. I then got strep throat and was out for a week. I finally got over being sick and was back at it and then over did it one day and hurt my foot. I tried everything to get my foot right, I stopped running and rode the bike, I iced it, massaged it, I did NO RUNNING at all..after a week I tried running and reset my progress. So, 3 weeks later I started running again and my foot hurts a little after the run but, icing it always seems to help. But I was out of commission for 5 of the 9 weeks. So, now the 5K is here this Sunday and I am only on Week 6 starting tomorrow. L I went running with my girl on Sat and the park is only 2.5miles. I was struggling badly. It seems as if I ran better last summer without the training. I just might have to walk some of the race when I can’t run anymore.
I definitely will be doing the C25K training again because, I really enjoyed it and it wasn’t boring. I actually looked forward to doing it. How are my other runners out there doing? I was really hoping to shed some of this fat by running but, I will have to try again.

P90X- Chest/Triceps/Shoulders
30 Day Shred- Level 1.

Beginning Weight May 16th = 191.6lbs
Goal Weight by July 16th= 179lbs

I know I have to push really hard but, I am taking no prisoners. This has gone on for too long! It’s time I buckle down and get a hold of this weight loss thing!
I have so much catching up to do and thank you guys for checking in on me during my hiatus! I hope all of you are doing well and will definitely catch up on your Blogs! Take care and Much Love!