Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March- Month of Vacationing

Ok this was definitely a challenging month for my weight loss journey. I was aiming to finish the 30 Day Shred on March 8th but, was unable to do so! I left for vacation to the beautiful island of St.Maarten on March 5th, packed my Shred DVD and not even thinking about me needing weights. So, I scratched the Shred and did the Banish Fat Boost Metabolism. I also joined my sister in her circuit class which was a hour long and 3 days a week. It was similar to Curves, 1 minute doing cardio and 1 minute doing a lite weight machine in a circle 3 times around. I must say I enjoyed that class very much! :) On Sunday, my sister and some friends went walking early in the morning in Pelican resort up and down hills, we would run up and walk down. I absolutely loved it and this right here is one of the reasons I miss home. You can walk almost anywhere and eating my eating habits were so on point. After my two and a half vacation I ended up losing 3.5LBS. Not the best but, I was so happy about it!!
I had the most enjoyable vacation, catching up with family and friends, keeping up with my weight loss journey, catching some rays and loving the weather. Next stop….. Florida!!!!

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M said...

Congratulations! Losing weight while on vacation is very hard. You did great!

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