Sunday, April 18, 2010

Getting My Groove Back!!!

I was feeling a bit down earlier last week but, decided to dust myself off and keep it moving. I cleaned up my eating habits, got my workouts in including Jillian Micheal’s “Burn Fat Boost Metabolism”, thanks to my fellow reader “M”! I weighed myself a few days later after I noticed the 3lbs gain and was happy to see my weight had dropped back to what it was. J
Now, Monday I am kinda looking forward to my weigh in. I still plan on sticking to my daily workout routines, logging my food over at Myfitnesspal and try to do my best to reach my monthly goal. Speaking of which…..I decided to follow suit with “M” and “MissHaneefa” to list my monthly goals and rewards.
I want to reach 180lbs by the end of April. I’m not sure if that’s aiming to high because, I am not positive of what my true weight is until I weigh in on Monday! All I know is that I am going to do my best and forget the rest. I am so close to reaching my “Main” goal of 170lbs I can taste it…. And it is tasting GOODAH.
You see to the right? à à à that’s what I want once I reach my goal. Yep, that’s right!!! I want my hair cut like Pink…shoot I’m getting healthy now and my face is thin, I know I can rock that hairstyle. No, not in all blonde but, I am thinking about highlighting the front. I have always been one to wear my hair short but, with my weight gain I had to let it grow out. Short hair and an oversized body is a definite No! No!!! That or a new Tattoo not sure yet but, whatever it is I will be sure to post pictures!

I know my journey is far from over because, I’ve been here before to just stop everything I’ve learned and know about a healthier life style, to gain the weight back. So, the hardest part of my journey is the maintaining part. I have no idea about this part and have a lot of learning to do. With this said I am on track and I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you my Followers for reading! Your feedback is appreciated and I look forward to reading your comments. Until Next time..Keep on Pushing!


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MissHaneefa said...

Great attitude,I know you can do it!

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