Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend News & Blues!!!

 So, Saturday I went to NYC with my girls. We had lunch at the Marriot Marquis and it was buffet style. I did eat a tip of the serving spoon of the things that I wanted to taste which wasn’t that much. I went up 1 time for food and 1 time for dessert which ended up being 2 chocolate covered strawberries and I had a strawberry lemonade to drink along with 3 glasses of water.
I did the Shred Level 1 and 2 and walk to and from the train station and Marriot Marquis. I burnt major calories plus gained major pain. After doing all the walking from the train station to the Marriot Marquis my dawgs were barking….. and loud to. I was rushing to NJ to meet up with my girls and forgot to bring my walking shoes. BIG mistake…HUGE!!! On the way back to the train station one of my friends who had flip flops offered to let me wear them. She was still clicking away in her heels with no problem. More power to her. I changed into those flip flops so fast my feet didn’t know what hit them. I had a great time laughing and catching up with the girls!
I didn’t get back home until after midnight, where I found my husband sick in bed. L I felt so guilty leaving him. I new he was fighting a cold but, it turned into the flu and had him in bed all day. My poor 10 year old daughter held it down until my 3yr was in bed. She even cleaned the kitchen and bathroom. She is such a sweet heart, I love her to death. Well, I woke up Sunday morning feeling terrible. I had the chills, body aches that I didn’t know if they were from the Shred workout and walking or because, I was sick. I got breakfast ready for the kids and had some oatmeal myself. I took a Thera-Flu and was out for the count. When I woke up I was feeling a bit better. I am still fighting it off today and know I am not up for working out. I will make sure I eat clean though.
The count down begins until I start “INSANITY” I’m a bit nervous because, it’s a kick butt workout, that’s 60 days long! I will do the "fit test" on Saturday and will start Day1 on Monday 3rd. Pre Pic will be posted. J I hope you all have a great day and I will be talking to you soon!!!
Oh I almost forgot to post a pic of the outfit I wore on Saturday! (Click on the pic to see in full)
P.S. Welcome my new followers, your comments and support are greatly appreciated. Keep Pushing and have a kick ass day!!!


MissHaneefa said...

You lok beautiful in that dress, yellow really suits you.Good luck with insanity!

Rheina said...

Very cute dress^^. I love the Sims too and used to make up stories for them. So glad I'm not the only one. ;D

LeeLee said...

Thank you so much Ladies!! :D
Ahhhhh Rheina I can't believe I found another Simmer...I used to write stories with my Simmies too. I add them to anything possible...hence my Blog page pic! :D

Integrity Daily said...

Look at those legs! OUCH mama, you gonna hurt sombodaaayy ... love it

M said...

I love the dress! Yellow is so friendly and cheerful.

Ro said...

Girl yuo are tooo cute!!!
love the dress and the smile!

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