Friday, July 2, 2010

I'm Feeling So LOVED!!!!!

I’m feeling so Loved! I received not 1 but, 2The Fabulous Sugar Doll Blogger Award”! Whoop! Whoop!
One from Ro @ Ro is Getting Fit and the other from PhluffyPrincess @ Fighting My Fat Gene! Both these ladies are inspirational and Pure Greatness. Following their journey of a healthier way of life has really made me focused and wanting to commit. Ro, has helped me in a great way with her eating habits. She always has something new to share and her Vlogs are always one to be remembered. PhluffyPrincess shows you that you can work fitness into your busy life style. Being a Med student, working and getting fit… is commendable. Please, check them out!!

Now for the Rules……

The Rules:

•Thank the recipient

•Link back to the giver

•Reveal 10 things about me

10 Things About Me:

1-       At the age of 10 I moved with my parents, brother and my two younger sisters to the island of St.Maarten in the Netherlands Antillies and lived there for 8yrs!

2-     At the age of 18 I moved back to NJ due to hurricane Luis destroying 80% of the island. My High School was included in the 80%.

3-     I can speak, read and write in Dutch.

4-     I bought my first house at the age of 25. (currently living in it)

5-     I’ve always wanted to learn how to “Street Dance”. You know bust the move like the girl’s from P. Diddy’s “Making the Band”. I have been seriously thinking about taking some kind of Hip Hop dance class.

6-     Though I love wearing Tees and sweats with a fresh pair of kicks! I love dressing up and wearing a Fly pair of heels which show off my calves.

7-     I don’t wear make up. Not that I don’t want to….. I just don’t know how to apply it! L So, any takers on giving me a one on one, feel free!!!!

8-     I think I missed my calling as an Interior Designer! I think that’s why I am so infatuated with the PC game “The Sims 2” I just love decorating their homes. I have to share pictures of my Simmies homes one of these days.

9-     I absolutely hate the Month of July! Even though it’s a month full of family celebrations. My daughter has to leave me to spend time with her sperm donor in VA!!! She leaves on Sunday! L

10-  I am in dying need of getting trees cut down in my yard! I am feeling closed in and it’s time to break free!

Yes, I am a pretty boring person but it is what it is!!!
Now for passing the torch, here’s to another group of Ladies that are truly AMAZING:

All my other peeps already got one!!! You all are great and I love reading your Blogs!!! Let’s Get it!!!!


MissHaneefa said...

You know that I would have given you one too! It isso cool that you can speak Dutch. I love languages.

Dee Dee said...

Congrats on awards! I wanted to ask you what you use to count calories burned?

Vilese said...

Aww thank you darlin! That is so sweet! Have a great weekend I'll be back after the 4th!

PhluffyPrincess said...

Thanks chica, and you ARE loved! I'm from NJ originally! You are such an accomplished lady, from the fluency in Dutch to the purchase of your first home. YOU BETTER DO IT!

Melissa said...

You so deserve this award!! I absolutely love reading your blog. Not only do you keep me cracking up but you help keep me on track. The support I get from your blog is amazing, thanks girl!

Oh and such interesting facts about you. I don't find you boring at all. :)

Thanks for the love!!

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