Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hit........ or Miss!!!!

Good Morn-Ting!!!
I completely missed posting this yesterday because, I was pooped. Yesterday was my weigh in and I missed my goal of 175lbs by 2lbs. It wasn’t a complete miss because, in my head when I was setting my goals my hopes were to lose 5lbs per month, which I did! So, I am happy with that, I won’t reward myself with the Zumba DVD’s by Beto Perez but, will adjust my July’s goal to lose 5lbs by July 31st! If I lose 7lbs in July I will reward myself with the Zumba DVD’s plus which ever reward I select for July! Is that fair?

So, yesterday morning I didn’t go running but, I did wake up and hit the Spin bike. I popped one of the DVD’s in and took off pedaling. This DVD was 52 minutes long and it was nothing like me just hopping on and doing my normal pedaling routine. You know pedaling fast at a lighter resistance, than making the resistance harder for a minute, then standing up for a minute…. Uhhhh Uhnnnn!!! This man had me going in the 1st couple of minutes! I didn’t last 20 minutes with Mr. DVD Instructor. He literally kicked my Butt!!! I did ride for 30 minutes but, the last 10 minutes was riding my way!

So, for July I am going to challenge myself.

-         Lose 5lbs in July but, will work hard for 7lbs
-         Build myself up to completing the Spin DVD
-         Eating Clean (No Cheat meals)

After reaching 170lbs I will have reevaluate my plan because, I am working towards my healthy weight of 155lb. So, even though I am so close to my 1st Goal I still have a ways to go!

Wednesday- P90X Arms and Shoulders + Spin Bike (Done)
Thursday- P90X Legs and Back + Insanity Pure Cardio
Friday- Spin DVD + Ab Ripper X
Saturday- Running + TBL Yoga (if no run I will do P90X Kenpo X or Spin)

I hope everyone has a great day! Let’s Get It!!!

Much Luv!


Vilese said...

Realistic and great goals I love it. I need to work on setting some realistic goals for myself and quit trying to shoot for a 4 or 5 lb loss a week. What?! Who does that? lol. Anywho, congrats on the loss and keep up the good work!

MissHaneefa said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!*Doing the Carleton Dance* I am so happy for you. I think that you are a winner and even if you didn't make goal, you are still coming out on top, time and time again.

MochaTrina@Me So Hongry... said...

You are on our it! Congrats on your loss. You have inspired me to get back on the P90X...once I get settled in my new place.

PhluffyPrincess said...

Do you have a spin bike at home? That seems like a great investment! I love your goals! I'm trying to get my running endurance up. Also...I left an award for ya on my blog today! :-)

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