Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Can you Say "OH MYYY GOSH?!?!?!"

I hope everyone had a great Holiday weekend, I know I did and I have the scale to show for it! I already broke my goal with eating clean the whole month of July. It was down hill on July 2nd when I made my goals. What a screw up!!! I stepped on the scale on Sunday and had a 2.2lbs gain! Oh Myyyyy Gosh!!!!
I woke up on Monday (Yesterday) and brushed it off!!! I started back with eating clean and working it out… Hard. This morning I got on the scale and am already down a pound!!! Jiggaaaaa!!!! Can you sing it with me? Jiggaaaaaa…What’s My Mutha Bleepin Name?
I am still feeling great about this month and am so amped to get this weight thang done. I am on Week 4 of P90X, also known as my Recovery week. I skip the Yoga workouts all the time and supplement them with some cardio. I will do Yoga this weekend because, I have the time to do it.

My Workouts this Week:

Monday- P90X Yoga JM’s Burn Fat Boost Metabolism
Tuesday- P90X Core Synergistics + Spin Bike 30 Mins
Wednesday- P90X Kenpo X + Spin Bike 30 Mins
Thursday- P90X X Stretch JM’s Burn Fat Boost Metabolism + Ab Ripper X
Friday- P90X Core Synergistics + Spin Bike 30 Mins
Saturday- P90X Yoga +Ab Ripper X

No more slacking, falling off my “A” Game… None of that!! I am just looking ahead and working towards any kind of loss under 177lbs! I will be reporting back to you soon with nothing but, good news!!
Thanks for Reading and leaving your comments, you guys really Rock My World!!! Have a Great week!

Much Luv!


Vilese said...

LOL you have me crackin up! I fell off of my "clean" game too but getting right back on track I think is what's important. Good job!

Melissa said...

Way to stay positive and get back into kicking butt this week. That's my plan too after a 2.5lb gain. Let's set it off for the month of July with some good clean eating and good numbers, lol! We got this, LOL!

MissHaneefa said...

I was dying when you said JIGAAAAA! Haha too funny. You got this, you have to have fun with yoyur family, you ARE human. I know that you will be back to where you were by next weigh in. You gotthis! You are a super star! Thanks for all your encouraginging comments, you are really great. I swear if we lived near each other I would scheduale a meeting, I am sure you are even funnier in person!

M said...

Your new profile pic looks amazing! All of your hard work is paying off. Keep it up!

Overweight in SoCal said...

LOL at the jigaaa hahaha congratulations on working so hard and eating right and losing the lb


Ro said...

LMAO. loved the post LeeLee and way to brush them shoulders of girl.
Bad days will come again but it’s your ability to get back on that horse and RIDDDEEEE!!!!!

have a great week!

LeeLee said...

Thanks Everyone!!!
It ain't no thang but a chicken wang!!!! My hubby had to wake me up. I would get so down b/c I'm not on target. He said this to me " If you don't reach 170lbs by July 31st are you going to stop?"

Me: "Heck No!!!

Hubby:"Well why worry about the #'s...just do it! Continue doing what you're doing! And Baby....You're doing a great job, I'm so proud of you!!!

Awww I just love him!!! I thank God I have him on my team!!

"M" Thanks for the compliment Hon!!!

Diddy Bop said...

great job girl! i wish i had the motivation that you do. i need to get it together because i definitely do not like what i see in the mirror right now. it's just so much easier to complain than to sweat and be tired lol. again, great job.

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