Monday, June 27, 2011

RI30/Hot Yoga/WKND Tracking and ECT....

I hope Everyone had a great weekend! Tomorrow will end my week 1 of “Ripped in 30”
The workout is definitely on point and I love some of the new cardio. I have been pushing myself to do every last set of each move. Though I am not going to front, every strength training movement she does includes some type of lunge or squat and to be honest the lunges are killing my knees. So, I do the same upper body movement JM does but, the lower body work I steal from Jackie’s DVD. I also do sumo squats because, it’s less stress on my knees and it really works my inner thighs which need it! J

Hot Yoga = Heck Yeah!
I’ve heard some great stuff about Hot Yoga from my Blog Buddies Ro and Haneefa and have searched high and low for some classes out here by me. Of course there are none given out here in my area of PA so I took the drive to NJ and did a 90min class. OMGeeee!!!! First off in the 1st 5mins of the class my head started dripping. I was able to 90% of the moves and thought I was going to pass out when I hit 30mins. I was thinking to myself “If this woman (instructor) does one more chair pose I am going to pass the “F” out” I was so happy when she had us lying on the floor and doing some crazy ass poses. I was able to do them and she said I was doing well but, once I got on the floor I didn’t want to get up. I loved the cool down and drank 16oz of water before the class, 24oz during the class and 16oz after. I was sweating from everywhere, my shins were even dripping. I am definitely going back again.

Weekend Tracking:
I did okay with this, I didn’t track everything because, I was snacking so dang on much! I really need to control my weekend eating habits. I do so well during the week and when the weekend comes around its like POOF!!!! Everything is out the window. This is a struggle for me and I am definitely going to keep working on this.

My Friends who left feed back on my last post. Thanks so much for your encouraging words. I know from the looks of things we all are going to fulfill our Summer Goals! Much love to you All!

Oh, and this week I am featured on Josie’s Blog from Yum Yucky sharing what Fitness means to me. So check it out!

Last Weeks Workouts:
Mon- Upper Body Strength Training and Run/Walk 45mins
Tues- RI30 and Run/Walk 45mins
Weds-RI30 and JM’s Yoga Melt Down
Thurs- RI30 and Kickboxing
Friday- RI30 and Zumba
Sat- Hot Yoga

Here’s to making this week a better one! Thank you for stopping by and stay tuned because, it ain’t over until it’s over!


MissHaneefa said...

Yeah! I am so glad that you liked Hot Yoga, I swear I am obsessed with it now. I think that I am addicted.

I know what you mean about the weekend. Weekends used to be so good for me now, all the hard work that I put in during the week is gone!

Have a great week!

Yum Yucky said...

Forward lunges and I don't get along. But backward lunges work for me. Crazy, huh? I don't get it either. LOL!

Losing in the City said...

ok, so tell me would you do hot yoga again? i'm actually trying it next tuesday.. some of my close friends are so into hot yoga.. i'm freaking out..