Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Am I Copping Out?

Thanks Ladies for your kind words today, it really made me smile! Why do I feel as if I’m the only person that has a bad day? I did make today a better one! I ate clean all the way to dinner which wasn’t bad. It just wasn’t the cleanest. I had 3 ground turkey tacos, with lettuce, Swiss cheese and a dab of salsa. I stayed within my calories and got 15 glasses of water in. I worked out to P90X Plyometric and it kicked my butt today for some reason. I only burnt 455 calories. What’s up with that? :o/

It took me all day to work up my courage to run tomorrow! I always say I’m afraid to run because, of the hurting it puts on my body but, the real reason is…. I’m afraid to run alone. I live in a Rural area of PA and I don’t know about ya’ll but, I don’t take kind to running with bears and wild turkeys. I heard all kinds of stories about people being chased by geese, deer and what have you but, I want to live to tell you mine! With running with a partner at least I’m not alone. So, I tell my husband that I’m going to run in the early morning to get it over with and then weigh in to see if I made my June goal! What does he tell me? “Be careful!! I almost hit a bear coming out of the complex this morning!” My heart just sank. I was really looking forward to running, I built up the courage to just do it and then this. I chose morning because, 1) I can get it over with and 2) when I ran it twice before it was fine! So, maybe they were sleep but, now that Hubby told me about his fiasco this morning has me thinking 10 times before doing it. He did offer to run with me after work and on Saturday morning so, I’m not by myself! I thought that was so sweet of him so, I will be taking him up on that offer and at the same time he can get a workout in too! J It’s a win win situation.

So, tomorrow morning, I will still get up early in the morning and ride the spin bike. I will use the DVD’s that came with the bike to get that Spin Class feel! Ya Know what I’m sayin? So, tomorrow is my weigh in day! Did I reach my June goal of reaching a new low of 175lbs? Stay Tuned because, there’s more to Read!!

Take care and Keep on Pushing!

Much Luv!



Vilese said...

Bears??? And here I am trippen about some ducks LOL. I don't play around when it comes to animals bigger than my dog. Yeah I would def have to have a running buddy so they could lead the bear off and away from me!j/k Good job with the workout today. I barely reach 400 if at all sometimes.

MissHaneefa said...

Bears.....wow. If you are REALLY not comortable then don't go. You can wait until the weekend and go with your hubby. I am excited to see if you met your June goals. You are doing a really great job.

M said...

Bears? That's crazy! The only hazzards I have to watch out for are cars and dog poo. I bet it'll be beautiful scenery when you do go though! Have fun!

LeeLee said...

I'm glad you all are feeling the same way b/c I know that they are out here but, you really don't pay no mind b/c you are in your car passing them or seeing them dart off into the woods!!! But, for there to be a chance that I may be running along side them.... is a chance I am not willing to take!!!

Stay Blessed Ya'll and thanks for stopping by!!!

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