Thursday, February 18, 2010

Busy! Busy! Busy!....Still Shredding!

So, I started Level 2 of the Shred on February 12th and it was insane. I loved the way it made me work my body and I sweated like a crazy woman. I rode the bike for 30 mins to burn some extra calories because, the huzbind and I were planning our Valentine’s evening out! We went to see John Witherspoon and DL Hughley live in concert and needless to say they were hilarious! We laughed our butts off! We were supposed to go to the Olive Garden where I had already saved enough calories up to enjoy a meal. I had it planned out and everything! Dinner plans were cancelled because, the show ran longer than we expected and the Olive Garden closes at 11pm. So, here we are after the show and both hungry as heck. We ended up going to a diner & having pancakes & sausage! Not the best choice but I would have it no other way!!! We had a great evening and I was happy to have spent it with him alone.

On Saturday the 13th we celebrated my grandmother’s 87th birthday. I didn’t have the chance to workout but, I practiced portion control like no ones business. I filled up with salad minus the dressing and the fresh fruit. I then had to slices of bacon and two tablespoons of Hash browns and Potatoes, I drank 3 glasses of orange juice as well. I think I did hella good compared to the damage I could have done. There were all kinds of pastries, French toast sticks, eggs, bacon, sausage… I’m telling you the works. It was great catching up with family I haven’t seen in ages and seeing my brother was a huge plus! I really miss him! Dinner time I continued on the right path. Everyone was getting Chinese, I ordered a small Won Ton soup and had 3 pieces of the General Tso chicken balls and drank water for the rest of the night!!! So, I really did better than expected with eating.

Now on to the workout!!! For Sat the 13th-Mon the 15th I did absolutely nothing. I was just so drain after my busy weekend. Tuesday I decided to do Level 2 over. I did the Shred L2D1 and rode the bike. This workout is no joke! Even after doing it today (L2D3) I am still stopping for breaks and reaching for my water. I like the moves in Level 2 much better than those in Level 1. I have already mastered the walking push-ups, my next goal is to do the plank jacks without stopping. I’m feeling really great about this program and will definitely be taking this with my on vacation when I go to St.Maarten on March 5th. Also, I am thinking about getting Jillian’s other 2 DVD’s “No More Trouble Zones” and “Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism”. Oh, yes I plan on continuing my healthier lifestyle even on vacation. I’m really looking forward to it.

I have been eating clean and working out on a daily! I am noticing my huge frame starting to shrink and I am already down 15lbs since Jan 4th. Still have 24lbs to go to meet my Goal!!! Yikes still a long ways to go!!!! I will keep on pushing along to get these pounds off. That’s all for now, I will Blog to you soon!!! Have a great evening and Keep on Pushing!!!


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M said...

You should totally get those two DVD's. They kick my butt every time, and they have been helping me lose weight consistently. I have one day once a week (usually right after I weight in)when I can eat whatever I want. You'd think I'd totally indulge, but surprisingly my stomach isn't able to hold as much food as before my weight loss. Good luck!

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