Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend Shred.....or Not!!!!

My business meeting in Jersey ended at 11:45pm. KFC was on the menu for dinner. Well, not for me it wasn't. I was full off of my protein shake and had packed a salad and nonfat yogurt in case I did get hungry. I wasn't feeling hungry until my family and I hit the road back to PA at 12 something in the morning. We stopped at Dunkin Donuts where I had a ham and swiss flat bread!!! Didn't think it was that bad until I added it in my Food Diary and saw how much sodium it had!!! 1030grams of SODIUM!!!!!! Never again!!!! I am now seeing the importance of logging everything I put into my body and that little flat bread is something I will think long and hard about eating again!
As we got closer to home it started to snow hard, my car was slipping and sliding all up 80!!! Thank God there were no other cars on the road and thank God for getting us home safely. After unpacking the car I hit the bed hard!!

Saturday was Day6 Level 1 of the Shred. I wanted to get up nice and early to get it in and over with but, I didn't. I was not feeling up to par and had no energy. The flat bread from earlier this morning was still on my mind which, would normally make me push through my lazy funk but, of course it didn't. I did everything under the sun at home BUT my workout! I sat down at 10pm and got caught up in this movie on Lifetime. Every commercial I would say "I would do my workout when it goes to commercial". I did that for an entire hour. I finally got dressed, strapped on my HRM (forgot to set the watch, so it was useless) and did Day 6 Level1. I am still unable to get through my second set of jumping jacks without stopping...what gives? I am putting my all into it, I don't know if doing the first set of push-ups the normal way is sucking up my energy but, I always stop during the the 2nd set of jumping jacks...Not Cool!!!! 

Sunday, Day 7 Level1 of the Shred!!!

I woke up feeling sick, I took some Theraflu and went right back to sleep. When I awoke I had some soup and a tuna sandwich. Trying to muster up some energy which didn't happen. I still felt groggily, made lunch for the kids and watch ANTM marathon on Oxygen. I still felt like crap and I was hoping that the rest would get me going. So, No Shred on Sunday!!! I'm still on Day 7 Level 1. I hope later on today I will feel well enough to get it in!!! I need to shake this off b/c I hate the feeling of not being able to workout!!! I will be checking to let you know how it went!! 
Until Next time!!!

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