Thursday, February 4, 2010

Shredding Day1 - Day 4

Crazy Riffs!!!

In case you're wondering why I have all my entries combined in 1 post is because, at first I didn't want to Blog about me Shredding then decided against it. So, here's what went on the 1st 4 Days of the 30 Day Shred!!
I started D1L1 and let me tell you I LOVE IT!!!!! 
It's tough but, definitely doable, my legs are still burning from the squats & lunges. I did stop maybe 20 secs out of the whole 27 mins and burnt 258 calories. Thanks to my Best workout Bud the Polar F6! Best investment I've made since my journey started on Jan 4th! 


Here are my goals for February:

Before ending Level 1 I want to:
1-  Keep going without breaking
2-  Do all regular push-ups
3-  Throw modified moves out the window

My Weight Goal is to lose 8lbs by March 1st!! I am eating clean and getting my water in, I am taking my One a Day Multi vitamin, my Omega3’s & 2 Glucosamine pills for my joints!!! I am hoping to feel some improvement by taking them. We will see! I will definitely keep you posted!


I did D2L1 and it kicked my tail but, this time I took 2 Aleve's an hr before my workout and managed to get through it without the killing pain on my knees! I was definitely doing the moves correct. I did stop again...those butt kicks right after the squats are a killer. I am fighting to kick my feet up but, failing miserably. I still LOVE it though. I definitely feel that this workout will get me into shape no matter how long it takes for me to complete it. I just may take this to St.Maarten with me in March! I was going to take Insanity but, this is a butt kicker in its self and will do!!! 
I also added some upper body strength training & when I got back to work I could barely move my arms to type!!! I am still looking forward to tomorrow, my Day 3 YES!!!!! 


D3L1 is in the bag! Today I tried my best to not to stop for a 3 sec breather but, failed. I only stopped once and felt AMAZING!!! Today I burnt 277 so that's a big difference from Day 1's 258 calorie burn!!! My poor HM was beeping away at me. Screaming at me to slow it down but, I couldn't, I had to keep up and keep pushing! 
Last night I hurt my knee and not from working out. I iced it all day today and took 2 Aleve before my workout, wore my knee brace plus an ace bandage for extra support. I ROCKED it out and got through the squats, lunges (which I feel the burn & love it) & side lunge things!! My quads are super tight, no jiggle here anymore and my calves are much toner!!! I am really enjoying this program!!! 



I knocked out D4L1 and I am HAPPY to say that I almost did all of the 1st set push ups without using my knees!  (I missed it by 5) I also think pushing through the push-ups killed me on cardio. The 2nd set of jumping jacks I couldn't push through without stopping. I was beyond feeling winded. For the rest I did a good job! I rode my spin bike for 15mins and my body screamed "Thank you Jesus" when I finished!!! I iced my knees and took 2 Aleve a hr before my workout. I really think that helps because my knees were good throughout the whole thing, I sucked on my butt kicks because, I had my knees wrapped which makes it hard for me to bend them far enough to reach my tush! I am POOPED!!! 

Have a great night & Keep pushing through!


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