Monday, February 15, 2010

Shred- Level 2.....Moving in the Right Direction

February 12th I moved on to Level2 of the Shred and I must say it’s a GREAT workout! I feel everything and have to modify some of the moves but, I do think I’m going to enjoy this Level much more than Level 1.
 Now, let’s see if I’ve met my Goals for Level 1.
 My Goals before ending Level 1 was to:
1-  Keep going without breaking- Done
2-  Doing regular push-ups- Failed
3-  Not doing any modified moves- Done 
2 out of 3 isn’t bad. I will continue to work on those push-ups for sure!!!My measurements when I started Level 1 on Feb 1st and my measurements as of Feb 12th are listed below:

                                       Before:                    Current:

Weight:                          198.4                           194
Body Fat%                     41.5%                          39.1%
Waist-                            39                                 37.5
Stomach-                       42                                 41.5
Thighs-                          27                                 26.5
Hips-                             45                                   43.5
Chest-                           41.5                                 41

I am very happy with these results and note, I will not mark 194lbs as my true weight because I weighed this in on a Friday and my true weigh in's are on Monday’s!  
Okay for Level 2 my goals before ending Level 2:
1-       Do at least 1 set of the walking push-ups (regularly)
2-       Keep going without breaking
3-       Not doing any modified moves

I am also working out in the morning where I can get more time to get a good ride on the Spin bike, strength training and yoga workout in!!
I’m going to keep on Pushing!!!
Thank you MFP friends for the encouragement!! Let’s Go!!!


M said...

You're doing great! Keep it up!

LeeLee said...

Thank you M!!!! I appreciate the encouragement!!!

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