Thursday, September 2, 2010

Take 2!!!!

Okay, I’m back for real this time! I have been super busy at work and that’s when I am able to catch up on Blogs and create new posts. So, I apologize again for my absence. This time I have better news than last time. Well since I’ve been slacking for the past month and a half I’ve gained back 7lbs. I started seriously watching my food intake and working out on Monday the 30th. Since then I’ve lost 1.5lbs with 5.5 more to go to get me back to where I’ve left off.
Monday the 6th I am going to give Insanity another go! I did invest in some Bio Freeze for my knees and will see if that helps! My food hasn’t been the cleanest but, I have been using proportions and staying within my calorie intake. I will be back in the swing of things sooner than later.

So, how has everyone been doing? I can’t wait to catch up on everyone’s Blogs to see what I’ve missed! J I also wanted to say thank you to OverweightinSoCal for the Versatile award. I will post a separate post with all the award details!!! Thank you Hon!!                                      


Today’s Workout
1-       Insanity Pure Cardio (I need to get use to this so why not)
2-     30 Day Shred Level 2

Okay, so I’m off to reading and doing the catch up thang! Have a Fabulous Day!!!

Much Love! ~Leelee~


MissHaneefa said...

Nice to have you back! I missed you so much. Now that you are back we have to work on those perky pounds!

Alexia said...

missed you! how are you liking level 2 of the shred? i've been on level one since..last summer!!

Melissa said...

Glad you're back! We missed you! :)

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