Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Feel Real Good!!!!

I hope everyone is having a great week so far! I am so happy the weekend is almost here. I am ready to take some pix in my new skinny jeans that in the waist are too big but, I won’t return them because, I want to wear them on Saturday night. Crazy right? I know! I will wear a belt! Saturday night Hubby and I are going into the city to celebrate our friend’s birthday and then I am taking him to a comedy show that he has no idea about! I have been doing everything right and though I haven’t been jumping on the scale to see my work, I just know it’s all good because…… I feel real good! I feel lighter, look thinner and my clothes are fitting really good!
I am finally focused. I’ve been sticking to eating clean, getting my water in and working out. I’ve finally taken my workouts to the next level. Meaning, I no longer am satisfied with a 30-45min workout burning 400 calories. I want to see 60mins + and that I have accomplished all this week but, yesterday. I did my first workout on my lunch break and was supposed to get one more in after but, had to go food shopping. To me that was more important because, without my eat goods in the house I am setting myself up for failure. 


Wednesday: JM’S No More Trouble Zones
Time: 49
Calorie Burn: 400

Thursaday: P90X Arms & Shoulders, Spin & Insanity Cardio Abs
Time: 97 mins (1hr 37mins)
Calorie Burn: 840

Question to those of you that use a Heart Rate Monitor while working out, Do you find yourself being obsessive with your calorie burn oppose to the type of workout you had?

I’m speaking with my girl about this and I was ranting on and on about how my Wednesday workout was crap because, I didn’t have a high calorie burn. Now, I felt every move during that 49 min workout and my arms, shoulders and abs were on FIAHHHH!!! (Wendy Williams) She also made a great point about us not even worrying about how many calories we burnt before, when we used to work out. We just worked out and knew it was a good one. So, with that said I will no longer stress over my calorie burn. If I feel my workout was a good one then I am completely satisfied!
Tomorrow, if it doesn’t rain, my two friends and I are going running! I get so excited when I am going to run, I have no idea why because, I literally feel as if I’m going to die. So, I’m crossing my fingers for nice weather tomorrow. You guys have a great evening and I will be Blogging with you soon!

Much Love!


Ro said...

Wow...u are on it Lee..
I'm excited to see the jeans!!!
And sometimes I do find myself trying to figure out burned calories when I should be happy for the workout. Keep it up and have a blast in the city

MissHaneefa said...

Look at you! You are going to look so hot in your skinny jeans. Pictures please. I am glad that at least one of us is feeling good.LOL!
As for the heart rate monitor, I really don't look at it while I work out. I am more concerned with the average and that I am staying in the right zone for weight lose and I usually check that after the workout. Best of luck for your run, I am sure that you are going to have blast.

Vee said...

Sounds like a fun weekend ahead! Rock those skinny jeans girl and good job with your workouts!

PhluffyPrincess said...

Go head Lee! You just are so freakin focused it's crazy! (in a good way, lol). Have fun Saturday.

I'm still trying to really push myself physically, its like I have to practically BEG myself to go beyond 30 minutes and I usually lose the battle! lol.

Melissa said...

Can't wait to see the pictures! Sounds like you and the hubby have a nice weekend planned. :-)
At one time I was thinking about getting a heart rate monitor but decided not to. I'm more concerned with just getting a good work out in. Anyway, Enjoy your weekend!!

Alexia said...

hey, lady! miss you!

and i want to invite you to follow my new blog:

hope you're well!


MissHaneefa said...

Where did you go? I miss you! COme Back!

Nona said...

Where the hell are you????

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