Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend News…..

 Happy Monday!!!! I am so ready to start this new week. Forgetting about my last weeks mishaps and focusing on making smarter choices. I feel my mojo coming back…. And I’m loving it!!!! I’m still working on losing the 7lbs that I gained and am happy to see the scale going in the right direction. TOM is peeking his ugly head so I can’t help to wonder if my loss today would have been greater if he weren’t. Either way I’m not dwelling on it, I am just going to keep on moving forward.

This weekend I was so happy it was raining. It gave me the perfect excuse to lay up in bed and catch up on Criminal Minds, The Vampire Diaries and some great Blogs!!! I also learned that I am definitely not alone during this journey. I read that many of my Blog buddies fell off with eating clean and struggled with getting workouts in just as I did but, what’s different from them is that they made themselves accountable by still Blogging about it. Me, I just stop everything as if it’s going to make things right by me not making myself accountable for my short comings in this weight loss life style! That’s something I’m going to change. I will still Blog even if it’s not something positive about my journey. Shoot, we all know we don’t stick to eating healthy, working out and dropping weight everyday/week. So, it’s time for me to get focused.

(Off topic) Has anyone tried the Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin flavored hot coffee? O.M.G. it’s so delicious. I drink a Medium with 3 pumps of Pumpkin and cream!! It takes me to another world of goodness. I swear to you that I’m an addict. I’ve been drinking those suckers twice a day!! My Goodness!!!

Ok back on track…. My workout’s this weekend:

Saturday- Rest

Sunday- JM’s Burn Fat Boost Metabolism
Time: 50 Mins
Calorie Burn: 525

Eating was a hot mess that I could have stood working out on both days for an hour plus. What!!!

So, my goals for this week are:

1.      Start Shred it with Weights
2.     work out for an hour a day
3.     Burn 500 + calories
4.     Fight the crave of DD’s Pumpkin Coffee (Tues-Fri)

I think these are doable. I am going to take my measurements tomorrow because I forgot to this morning. I did weigh in which was 182lbs!

Question for you ladies, when measuring your stomach and bust area where and how do you do it? For stomach to you suck in or relax it? For Bust is it right above the bust (meaning chest area) or do you measure from the nipples around? Your feedback is appreciated greatly, thanks!
Have a great Day my Loves!!!


Ro said...

Hey LeeLee..
Great post.
Its hard to keep blogging through the mess ups but it makes you make at least some better choices.
Your goals sound really great...
Oh and I measure around the nipple and under the breast too.
and when I do my waist I use my belly button as a guide and I don’t suck in I just kinda relax.
'Oh and girrrllll why I am hooked on Criminal Minds so bad....I have convinced myself i may have a stalker and I found myself profiling people at my job last week...LMAO...damn shame....
Have a great week chick!

MissHaneefa said...

Good luck with your goals, I am sure that we will be saying bye bye to those 7 pounds in no time. As for measurements, my breasts I measure around the fullest part. I also take a measurement around my chest that is under the breast where the band of my bra is (I hope that makes sense). For stomach I just relax, I try not to hold it in and I measure at my waist where I can bend side to side.
Good Luck!

Vee said...

Good to see you back girlie! You will have those 7 lbs gone in no time! Keep up the good work!!

LeeLee said...

You aren't lying, it's the hardest thing for me to do but, I will work on it!!
Tell me why where I stopped off in season 5 was the episode you spoke about in your Blog about the unsub finding his victims through their social networks!! I thought of you instantly. CM is Bananaz I love the cast, love the story lines love it all! Thank you for your ongoing encouragement, it means so much to me!!

Thanks Haneefa! Oh these 7lbs are going Buh Bye!! I won't be holding on to them much longer!

V- I love your pic, you are looking so sexy Missy!!! Thanks for the encouragement!! I appreciate it!!

Melissa said...

LeeLee, that's why I love reading your blog because you always keep it real. You're right.. I'm sure no one is eating clean and exercising 24/7. It's life and things just happen. But I think you are doing great. You're focused and you have a plan and that is half the battle. Those extra pounds will be gone in no time. As for me, I've given my scale a break for now. it was just getting too out of hand. Anyways, hope you have a great week!

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