Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Weekend = PURE Success!

Happy Tuesday! So, glad Monday is over. I hope everyone had a Fabulous weekend. I was fighting a cold last week which ran into Saturday but, on Sunday I was refreshed. Hubby and I got a 3mile run/walk in early, which really felt great! I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed running with him. He makes me push without saying a word. He isn’t over weight but wants to lose some poundage and build more muscle. He does nothing for a work out but, play B-Ball here and there. Why did this MoFo keep up with me running? I glanced over at him to see if he needed a walk break because, I know I surly did and he was in his own world trotting away. So, being that he kept on going…..so Did I! Once we ran our first mile we walked for a minute and continued on to the second mile and walked a minute and we ran half a mile for the 3rd and walked the last half. When I got home I did Jackie’s “Xtreme Timesaver”. Over all a great workout and I loved running with Hubby, “Thanks Boo!”

We also had a wedding to attend and I am HAPPY to report I mad smart choices. For the cocktail hour I had water with lemon, some seasoned string beans and other green stuff I had no clue what it was but, it was green so I ate it, 2 tiny little patties with beef inside and a plate of fruit which was on point. For dinner I had the salmon which was so Damn Good O.M.G. also string beans, carrots and 1 potato plus the salad they served before the main course. (This salad had cranberries in it, I never ate cranberries in a salad but, I really liked it) Then I danced, danced, danced. My dress was falling off of me, it was supposed to be above the knee, and sleeves were to be on the shoulders. My strapless bra kept falling, not sure if it was just too small or what. This was my first time wearing one and the only reason I wore it was because, my sleeves kept falling. Ughhh a Hot Ass Mess! Tips on strapless bra are always welcome. Here are some Pix!

It’s Tueday Ya’ll Let’s Get it IN!!!!! 
Monday: Kenpo X
Tuesday: Running/Walking & Jackie Xtreme

Have a Great Day and Keep on Pushing!


Ro said...

1st off *high five* for that run. and then you did extra..HELLZ YEAH!

2nd YAY for healthy choices at the wedding. (I love cranberries, raisins or craisins in my salads)

Last but not at all least YOU BETTER WERK!

PICS....squeals YAY LeeLee
..you are GORGE! and you and hubby make a cute couple :-)
Oh and ps I could SNATCH them earring girl they are TOO cute…

MissHaneefa said...

Love the dress, you look beautiful!

LeeLee said...

Awww thank you Ro!!!! Shyt them earrings HURT!!! Not use to wearing them so big but, with the short do I wanted to try a lil sum N sum N!!! Yaknowwhatimean?

Thanks so much Haneefa!!

Stormy@Big Butt Theory said...

Way to go ma.
You are workin
it for sure.

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