Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kicking Butt......

Wut up Fam?
I don’t know where everyone out in Blogland is but, out here in the “Boonies” PA is Hot as a Mutha Fugga! BUT the heat has not deterred me from reaching my goals. It didn’t melt my determination of GET-TING IT IN!!! Yesterday, I did P90X Arms/Shoulders and after work I ran/walk 3 miles, early evening where it was a bit cooler, not that it was cooler, just supposed to be for the time I started. For the life of me I could not keep running. My body or maybe my mind was telling me to stop running and to slow it down. It didn't help either that I spotted a wild turkey. I saw the sucker from a mile away. I paused my IPOD because, I don't wear earplugs....too busy listening and looking out for wild life bear. That turkey had me running on my toes so, I wouldn't be slapping the pavement all loud and shit. My HRM was beeping out of control from the fright. All I could think was, "If this Mutha Frigger comes after me....I would be his supper because, I was beat and wouldn't be able to do nothing more than a trot to get away from his a$$." I made it past him in one piece and was able to complete 3miles and the amount of walking I did probably equaled to a mile.

So check this! Since this running for 2.5 miles or 25 mins of the C25K week 7 isn’t working for me. I am taking it back to week 6 where a run for 5mins, walk for 3, run for 8, walk for 3 and then run for 5mins. I think I’m going to do this for another 2 weeks, granted I won’t finish the program and doubt that I’ll run the 5K without stopping but, hope I will do better on my time.
As for today I had a 1 on 1 session with Jackie doing the Xtreme Timesaver. I can’t stress enough all the goodness that goes on in this DVD…my shoulders and arms are going to be super fly when I get through this DVD without taking mini breaks here and there! I then went to my Kickboxing class and worked up a sweat and burnt an extra 460 calories. During the class the instructor asked me what type of martial arts I did. I stated proudly nothing but Kenpo X and some Taebo (Not that I do Taebo anymore b/c it doesn’t get my heart rate up) but, it made me smile!

You Guys make sure to take in lots of water because, your body needs it. Don’t let little things get in your way. When you really don’t feel like working out, just do it! You’re bound to find the energy once you start and will feel great afterwards!
Keep on Pushing Ya’ll!



MissHaneefa said...

P90X and a run!? Woot woot! Way to go girl. I am reakky proud of you, keep it up!

Alexia @ Dimple Snatcher said...

Your afraid of a turkey? Ha. It was SO HOT in New York today! I literally felt like the fat was melting off me! After only two days I'm darker! Crazy!

Ro said...

Get it chick!1
yeah its hot in Houston as well....105 was the high day before yesterday....
You and that turkey LMAOOOO
I think going back to week 6 is a good idea until you get more comfortable. You are doing GREAT!
Have a FAB weekend!

LeeLee said...

You ladies ROCK!!!
Alexia, that turkey isn't the kind you want for Thanksgiving! This sucka was Hella Big! His head cam to my waist and I'm 5'6. Shoot sleep on it if you not me!

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