Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I’m Making Myself…..

FIT! Over the weekend I was stalking “Nike Women’s” YouTube page and I was truly inspired and motivated. These girls really go all out in their workouts which made me really evaluate my workouts and question myself.
Do I put the effort into my workouts? Do I really push myself beyond fatigue? Am I counting the seconds until this workout is finished?

To be honest, I don’t push myself beyond fatigue ONLY when it comes to running. This weekend after doing the 6th week of C25K run, I normally walk some hills for a cool down but, this time I did short sprints. Your Girl can move! J But on the real, it felt so good to move that way, to feel my heart rate sky rocket. If I don’t hear my HRM screaming, I don’t feel as if I’m pushing myself hard enough. I think this is the only question I FAIL at so my focus from now own is to “Push Myself Beyond Fatigueduring every workout I do even……. Yoga!!! I was hanging with Jillian during those Chaturanga Push-ups….I wanted to quit so many times but, I just giving myself “the” pep talk. I finished it. My arms were screaming, my legs were on fire and my heart was thumping fast but, I didn’t die. So, my question to you is: What are YOU Doing to Make Yourself?


MissHaneefa said...

Damn! I wanna look like EVERY girl in that commercial! Way to go Leelee. I hear some times I really want to give up, but then I remember that number on that scale and how far I have come and I keep pushing!

Stormy@Big Butt Theory said...

Those women are fabulous. I definitely need to UP MY GAME! Must see & see again.

MochaTrina@Me So Hongry... said...

As my kids would say, "Their bodies are SICK!" Man they were getting it in!! When I am working out doing something I like, I go hard and kick into BEAST MODE! When I Zumba it's on!! I call myself the Zumba Assassin!!!

Kerri O said...

LOVE this! I noticed this last week I was seriously punking out in my workouts. Wanting them to be done, not pushing myself. DONE with that.

LeeLee said...

Haneefa- So do I!! I also remind myself how bad I want to lose this gut...I would love to do those moutain climbers so fast and effortlessly. Did you see her work?

Stormy- Yes! Yes! & Yes!! I re-watch that video to get me amped up!! I love Nike commercials.

Trina- LOL!!! Yes, SICK indeed and this is just the type of sickness I wouldn't mind having!!

Kerri O- Thanks for stopping by!! I am with you on that! Let's go Hard girl!!!

Thanks Ladies for your comments!! Have a great one!

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