Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ripped in 30

Yesterday started my “Ripped in 30” by Jillian Michael’s program. I leave for vacation on July 22nd and wanted to keep my mind on track. Day 1 was yesterday and I think I am going to enjoy this program a lot. Jillian is bubblier and really focuses on technique; she really guides you through the workouts which I really like. 

My Goals:
-          Cutting Cheat Day’s out and replacing with a cheat meal 1x per week (if any)
-          Log my food on Weekends
-          Working each Level for 6 days

My Workouts:
Mon- Ran/Walk 3miles and Upper body strength training
Tues- Ran/Walk 3 miles and Ripped in 30
Wed- Ripped in 30 and Yoga Melt Down

My Measurements: (HORRID but, it’s real)
-          Right & Left Arm: 12.5
-          Right & Left Thigh: 24.5
-          Waist: 39.5
-          Stomach: 41.5 (passes out)
-          Hips: 42
-          Chest: 39
-          Weight- 186.6

So, you see I have a lot of work to do but, I’m eager to get started.

What are your Summer Goals?

Holla Back!


Ro said...

Don't call your measurements horrible.....they are really not bad.
I like your plan and you can do it.....*high five*

My summer goal is to get to my damn to get this waist to 30 inches!

MissHaneefa said...

Man I wish I had those measurements.

Your plan sounds great. I want to get that video and see what it is all about. My summer goal is to get under 200 pounds. I need to get my act together.

I know that you can do this!

Toot said...

Great goals!!! Girl, if you saw my measurements, you would kiss yours, lol!!!! Tracking is so hard on the weekends, I wonder if anyone has a way to make it quick and painless.

My summer goals - to find something and stick to it!!

Good luck!!!

Stormy@Big Butt Theory said...

I like your goals. Mine is to complete my slimmer This summer challenge plus keep creating some good habits. I also need to take my measurements... like yesterday.

Madame: The Journey said...

I'm glad others got on you about calling your measurements "horrid," Girl, add about 5in. to everything and that was me when I started, lol.

Replacing your 'cheat day' with a 'cheat meal,' sounds like it will prove to be beneficial. I'm not a big fan of full out days, off-plan. When I did them, they always had a tendency of disrupting all the good I had done throughout the week.

Oh, and my Summer goal is to break some personal weight-lifting and distance records.

Hope you enjoy your Summer and hit your goals! =o)

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