Friday, June 3, 2011


Happy Friday Ya’ll! I hope everyone is doing great out in Blog land. I have been fighting this cold for the pass couple of days but, am keeping it moving. I am still drinking 2 Slim Fast Shakes a day, 3 healthy snacks (mostly fresh fruit and trail mix with lots of almonds and dried fruit) and 1 meal of 500 calories or less and at least 12cups of water. I am feeling great on this plan.
This morning I weighed in at 186.6lbs…that’s .6 away from where I was in Jan 2011. I will knock that off by next week for sure…

SW May16, 2011=191.6
Current Weight = 186.6
5lbs loss in almost 4 weeks….it’s not bad for TOM being here. Remember I mentioned his arrival 2 weeks ago when I ran my 1st 5K? Well I was only spotting and Tuesday he finally was in full affect...Punk!

As for my Workouts:
Monday- Rest (I was shock to see no workout was done when I checked my log)
Tuesday- Ran 2.7 miles and did Jackie Xtreme Time Saver (This DVD is the business)
Wednesday- Ran 2.6 miles and did the Biggest Loser Cardio Mix (Level 3 is Killer)
Thursday- Kickboxing Class
Friday- (I was going to rest being that I’m not feeling all that great but seeing that I missed Monday’s workout I will do something light)….Maybe walk and Yoga Melt Down.

I have a wedding this Sunday to attend and I tried my whole outfit on…. why is this dress too big? I love that feeling YES!! But, I want it to look right just for the wedding and then it can go back to falling off of me! Ya know what I mean?

Have a Great Friday and Keep On Pushing!



Ro said...

Way to go 5 lbs in 4 weeks is whats up!

and I too love when clothes are too big for me :-)

have fun at the wedding and have a FAB weekend chica!

Yum Yucky said...

Yep, let's keep pushing! I hope this current week is already shaping up nicely for ya.

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