Sunday, June 13, 2010

Goooooood Weekend!!!!

What a great weekend I had. Friday, I was supposed to workout at my jobs gym and tackle the Treadmill, right? I was all dressed and everything but, plans changed and I had to rush home. So, instead of riding my everyday Spin bike, I dropped my bags down, grabbed my daughter and her friend and took them walk/running with me. OMG, these were the laziest 10 year olds I've ever seen. My daughters friend who is over weight, could use the exercise, my daughter could use to exercise to keep active. We just walked to the bottom of the hill and she was already complaining that she was tired. I’m looking at her to see if she was for real. We were walking, not speed walking, just walking and down hill at that. I ran for 3 mins while they walked far behind me I couldn’t concentrate. With me trying to focus on running and making sure they are walking on the side of the road and safe was too much for me. So, I turned back around and took them home. I went back out and sped walk/ran for 45 mins. I was 10 calories short of burning 450 calories. I had to make 40 calories up due to the little slow pokes. I was happy with my come back.

Saturday, I got up early, had my oatmeal with a sprinkle of cinnamon and blueberries. Fed my son and was out the door to meet my girl for our Saturday run.
We ran 2 miles and walked 3. It was a good run. My girl that I run with began running about 3 or 4 months ago so, she has built herself up to the run. It’s still hard for me to run the entire 2 miles without stopping. I didn’t walk, I sped walk when I stopped running. Then we got to the 1st steep hill and she said we are going to run this hill. Now you know I looked at her as if she had 10 heads because, my tail was not going to run it up that hill. Forget that….. she ran it slowly and I cheered her on while I walked it. I was thinking to myself “When is she going to stop for a walking break?!?!?!?” Chick doesn’t know anything about walking break! So, I started running again after we made it over the hill. I maintained then had to stop for a little. My Heart Rate was in the 90’s waaaaaay over my normal high of 86%. I didn’t stop moving but, I was not running I was walking fast trying to get my heart rate under control. I manage to finish that 2 miles. (2.5 if I did the hills) Then we walked around for a cool down. At the end of the trail was a good stretch. She said this to me… “You’re a sprinter right?” At first I didn’t hear her, only the word “sprinter” so, she continued on saying that we were going to sprint this last stretch. Now, I am BEATTTTT I was not trying to sprint anything but, I did! I waited for the go ahead and I was out like Forrest Gump. I dusted her, creamed her, smoked her and to be honest I could have went faster. I felt Great! If you throw a 100 or 200 meter race at me I am ALL GOOD!!!! I am not a cross country runner which my girl is. I will do it but, I’m not good at it. It was some good friendly competition and we both felt great.

Sunday, was my Rest day and if I plan on meeting any goals I've set out for myself, I had better get up and go food shopping because, I was low on my eat goods!
I came back with all of this, some, Tilapia, lean Pork chops Ground Turkey and Tuna! I can’t wait to try this new tea (Sleepytime Vanilla by Celestial) tonight when I’m relaxed in bed. I will be sure to let you know how it tastes.
I ate clean this entire week, worked out really hard, drank at least 14 cups of water and of course you know who’s in town….. TOM!!! I am hoping I am still able to get a loss tomorrow and if not I know I will next week because, I have been doing everything right!
I hope you all had a great weekend, thank you for reading and leaving me comments, I love hearing from you! Let’s make this week “the” week! Let’s Get it!!

Much Love!


MissHaneefa said...

Looks like you had an amazing weekend! Even if there isn't a loss tomorrow it is all TOM's fault! Wishing you all the best and keep up the amazing work!

Alexia said...

What a fabulous weekend! And I love that you love sweet peppers (I see four). I put them in EVERYTHING!

Alexia said...

And the story about your daughter and her friend is hilarious!

Ro said...

A great weekend....and CONGRATS on getting that run in. a little at a time and you will be running that full 5 miles in no time. I need to get on my run/jog game more.

Oh an good look on the groceries...great choices!!

Here's to a productive week. :-)

Melissa said...

I applaud you for running. I so want to start but dont know where to begin? I'm thinking maybe start with a jog/walk system? I just need to get moving again. I love your blog, it's very encouraging and motivating! I did go get a lot of clean food this week so count me in for making this week, the week, LOL

PhluffyPrincess said...

WOW LEE! That's awesome! I'm so far from being a runner its not even funny. Although I would love to work my way up to it. I am really inspired by this post though. You had me cracking up about your daughter and her friend!

Nona said...

Oh I enjoyed this post. You are taking such good care of yourself!!! Can't wait to read this week's installment. Keep up the great work.

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