Monday, June 21, 2010

That’s What I’m Talkin About…..

Good Morning Everyone out there in Blog Land! I hope you all had a great weekend! Yesterday was my Rest day and this morning was weigh in :Drum Roll Please:………….. a 2.2lbs loss!!! ::DJ Hit the Beat:: (Playing the Club Mix Follow Me)
“Follow Meeee! Follow Meeee Yeeahh!!!” I am now in the 170’s Hallelujah!!! 178.6 to be exact and it’s all down hill from here!!! I am going to continue eating clean, substituting my granola bars and crackers with fresh fruit! I am going to stay getting 12-14 glasses of water in each day! I am going to work my A$$ off during my workouts and push myself with running! I am going to get my 8hrs of sleep because, my body needs it. I am just so FOCUSED now!!!

Today- P90X Chest & Back + 1hr Zumba

I haven’t tackled any more reading of Skinny B, this weekend but, will try later on tonight! I did get some feedback on the book and yes, I will admit the way it’s written is very brutal and to some could be insulting. If you can pick the sense out of the nonsense it is educational…. Then again I’m only on chapter 4!

Thank you for the comments and sticking with me on this Crazy Journey! We all have to Keep on Pushing and let’s Shed our Fat Suits! Have a Great Monday Ya’ll!!!

Much Luv!



MissHaneefa said...

LeeLee I am so happy for you!*Doing a little dance* you are working so hard and it is really paying off, keep up the fantastic work and keep up all posted 160's here you come!

MissHaneefa said...

Opppsss just realized that you goal is to be 170! I can't belive it you r 8 pounds away from you goal! You can do that in a month! AMAZING WORK!

Ro said...

WAY to go LeeLee....hard work is paying off chick.
Keep it up and I hope you have a GREAT WEEK!

Nona said...

Good for you!!! So glad that your on track and pushing forward. Well done. Keep up the good work!!!

Melissa said...

2.2lbs!!! Congrats! Keep up the good work and keep pushing on! You are doing great!

Alexia said...

i am totally stealing some of your energy! congrats on the loss!

and about that book: i wanted to love it and it is very informative, but i didn't like being cussed at. i found it almost demeaning.

M said...

You're doing so great! I'm so very proud of your loss! Congratulations!

Dee Dee said...

Good for you LeeLee. Keep it up!

Ro said...

Thanks for being so cool abt the vid. and for being so uplifting. It really helps my mood and staying motivated.

LeeLee said...

Thanks everyone for all of the lovely compliments. I truly enjoy hearing them ! :-D

Haneefa- You are correct though b/c I want to be 160 or 155 but, my 1st HUGE goal is to get to 170, I haven't been that weight since my daughter was a yr old!!

Alexia- I so agree with you about the book, makes you want to @itch slap a Hoe!!! No lie but, the info is great. At least to me bc I wasn't aware of a lot of the stuff they cursed about.

Ro- It's no problem Ma!!! I'm glad I am able to keep you motivated!!!

Thanks so much for commenting, you ladies really make me smile & lift my spirits! Much Luv to you All!

MochaTrina@Me So Hongry... said...

EVERYBODY ZUMBA!! CONGRATS ON YOUR LOSS! How are you liking Skinny B? I enjoyed and thought it was quite humorous. I have no plans on becoming a hard core vegetarian, mainly because I can't afford to eat like that.

PhluffyPrincess said...

congratulations!!!! you are really an inspiration!!!!!

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