Monday, June 28, 2010

Today was a Bad Day.....

I wasn’t prepared at all today. I had lettuce but, no tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers no Nada!! So for lunch I ate the last piece of Cluck U chicken! I basically inhaled it! If that wasn’t bad enough I went to the store after my Zumba class to pick up the rest of the ingredients for a salad to have for dinner. My daughter wanted a cupcake and of course the bakery section was closed so I had to result to the premade cupcakes that they set out in containers. Each container held 6 cupcakes. None of them had just 1 single cupcake in it. I got home washed off the fresh fruit I bought, chowed down on not 1 but 2 cupcakes and then I ate a half of turkey and cheese on a wheat wrap but here’s the kicker. I worked out hard to P90X Chest and Back and then did an hour of Zumba. Why did I sabotage my hard work?

Today I really pushed through P90X, I did my push ups on my toes, 15 of each on the first round, I then did 8 on my toes and 17 on my knees on the 2nd round, I did my heavy pants with 20lbs and 15 reps twice and then did back flies with 10lbs weights and 20 reps twice. I did an amazing job, just to go and mess it up!!!

Today was the last day of Zumba for me, I only burnt 490 calories in the hour which is okay, not the best but, I’ll take it! I’m not going to sign up for another Zumba class because, I didn’t find it challenging enough!!! I am going to get the Zumba DVD’s by Beto Perez….now his Zumba class is a party in itself.

Okay, I’m over it! I have my food planned out for the rest of the week, back to clean, clean eating! There is nothing in the house that can get me off track! I am going to try running on Wednesday and Saturdays. Something different, something that gets my heart rate up and something that will help me reach my goal!

Thank you for reading and making me smile when you drop me a line! I love it when you all leave comments. You are also so welcome for the meatloaf recipe. Let me know how it tastes when you try it out!!!

So, today was a Bad Day but here’s to making tomorrow a Great one!!! Have a good night!

Much Luv!


Ro said...

Well you know I'm all aboout "silver lining" and although you ate the cupcakes and 1/2 wrap you still worked out which is better than NOT working out. So its all good!
Your doing great for real!!!

Vilese said...

Girrll....we all slip up and I think the important thing is we get back on track. I bought some cupcakes too and my dtr is not even here lol. I haven't eaten one YET but I'm sure i will at some point. You are doing GREAT!
And thank you so much for all of the wonderful comments you left me that was so sweet of you and I greatly appreciate it. I love the fact that we can all inspire and encourage each other through this journey. And if you lived closer I would definitely come cook for you I love to cook. I'm not too savvy with MFP I just like to use it to calculate my calories and exercise. Oh and the nutrition info for the muffins can be found here :
Enjoy your day!

MissHaneefa said...

I *heart* cupcakes. You know what I am going to say. We both made a few boo boos but we know what we have to do and we are doing it. You have been working so hard and we are seeing results. I am not going to beat myself up because of one bad snack. I know that I have a goal and I am working towards it! All the best!

LeeLee said...

Thank you Ladies!! I really needed to hear this!! I am focused and back on track, I'm looking forward to my workout today!!! I did get on the scale and there was no gain which I'm happy about!!

Vilese, thanks so much for the link and I wish I lived closer wouldn't be able to get rid of me! LOL!!!

PhluffyPrincess said...

Well girlie...your "bad" isn't as bad as my bad! So its good that you have a moment but still worked out and stayed focused on getting back on track with your meals. We all have moments, ya know? I like to purchase cupcakes from this shop I patronize. It's $1.50/each...but they are delicious and as you said I can purchase ONLY one!

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