Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Insanity and Beyond!

So, yesterday I did the fit test for Insanity and am happy to say I did a great job but, am looking forward to getting better results in week 3. I did the Shred Level 2 before the fit test to get a good calorie burn. I am also so happy to report that I stuck to my guns. I ate clean, started Insanity, was in the bed and asleep before 10pm (Whooop Whooop) and had no late snacking. I’m still working on my coffee cut back!

Results for Insanity Fit Test:

Switch Kicks- 64 
Power Jumps- 34 
Power Knees- 70 
Globe Jumps- 7 
Suicide Jumps- 15 
Push-up Jacks- 15 
Low Plank Oblique- 40 

Starting Weight: 186lbs
Waist 37 
Stomach 39 
Chest 40 

My Goals for Insanity are very short:

-          Just make it through the 1st week

This list will grow as I do each workout! Oh! Oh! Oh!!! I also stepped on the scale today and guess what……..LOST 1 lb!!!!!! Yes!! Yes!!! Yes!!!! Hello 185lbs. Let’s see if it will stick come weigh in on Monday!  I hope everyone has a Great day! Stay Tuned because, there’s more to see!



Integrity Daily said...

Way to give yourself props for every accomplishment. Seriously, changing habits is a tough one. Sleep, coffee, food, exercise ... you have a full plate (pun intended!)

Keep it up Leelee! One day and one moment at a time, right?

MissHaneefa said...

Damn girl! You go ! Kep up the great work! Keep me posted on this I want to here all about it.

M said...

I'm sure you will lose even more weight if you eat clean and continue your workouts! Great job!

LeeLee said...

Thank you ladies for your comments!!!
I will have a detailed Blog tonight on my progress!!! I hope everyone is well!

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