Monday, May 3, 2010

Pizza Anyone?

This weekend was a pizza filled weekend and yes…….I indulged too much. Friday I had a great workout to Jillian Michael’s “Burn Fat Boost Metabolism” burnt 500 calories ,ate clean up until dinner. It was family pizza night and I had more than enough calories to have 2 slices of pizza without feeling guilty. We tried the Hawaiian pizza which was delicious! Did I stop at 2? Nooooo, I had to have 1 more which pushed me over on my calorie intake. Then on Saturday had a healthy breakfast, started cleaning the house, washed the clothes, was so hungry because, I ignored my stomach until I was done cleaning the kitchen and of course I was hungry beyond repair and had 2 slices of pizza. Then we had the nerve to order pizza again that evening. Then on Sunday I ate well, went to my daughters soccer practice, ran ragged, played some basketball, went the grocery store and stocked up on fruits, salad ingredients, healthy snacks and stuff. We were so famished we stopped at KFC and I had that chicken sandwich. SMH… First time going to a fast food restaurant since March, Ughhhh I am delaying my progress!

I weighed in today and surprisingly I’m still at 186lbs which I am so grateful for because, I really thought I was going to be over in weight. I took my measurements and will take my before pix later on today for “Insanity”. I also have to do the fit test and will workout to the Shred or ride the Spin bike! Today I am starting the “Insanity” program and this will last for 60 Days. Tomorrow will be my first real “Insanity” workout.

Here are some goals I’m setting for myself, I’m not adding a weight loss number because, of course I want to lose weight and want that number to go down but, I need to get my head back in the game and work on some of the areas I have been slacking on.

Things I need to work on:

1-       No Late Night Snacking (after 8pm)
2-     1 cup of coffee every other day (oppose to everyday)
3-     Eat Super Clean

I think this is good for now. I used to drink 3-16oz cups of coffee on a daily bases. In January I cut back on my coffee to 1 8oz cup of coffee per day and for a while I went without coffee without even trying. I hadn’t even realized that I dropped it for almost 2 weeks. I want to try cutting back on it.  
As well as my eating after 8pm. There is no need for me to eat anything after 8pm, which also means I need to get in the bed earlier. I have been a night owl, hooked on reading Blogs and playing Farmville on Facebook! Eating Super Clean means staying on track with my clean eating, no more cookies, ring dings or M&M’s just because, I have enough calories left over. I can do this! I have done it for 3 months when I began my journey. Let’s just say April has been a bad month and it’s time for me to get back on my horse and get this fat off of me.
I will report back later with my “Insanity” before stats.
Have a great one and Keep On Pushing!!!


Alexia said...

Have you tried a pita pizza? I've been craving pizza something violently recently!

M said...

Insanity kicks major butt! Good luck on your new goals! :)

Integrity Daily said...

LeeLee! We're on the same page lady, I totally fell off this weekend too. It's frustrating isn't it? It's my lack of planning that gets me every time! I find that re-evaluating and re-setting goals gets me motivated again. Keep up the good work!

LeeLee said...

Alexia I never eaten pita pizza!! Gosh please don't get me started with pizza again! LOL

Thanks M!!! I'm going to Push myself even if I am gargling my heart! :D Great words from Jillian!

ID- Do you know reading your blog about the office pizza dinner got me started. You're right though resetting goals gets me so motivated again!!! I'm looking forward to these 60 days of Insanity!!

Thank you for reading Ladies!! :)

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