Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Brand New Day……….

After Monday’s fiasco I decided to sit back and reevaluate my situation. First thing I thought about was how much my knees are hurting. Nothing is helping relieve the pain. Not icing them, popping pain killers,……… Nada!!! So, as much as I hate to do this I have to quit Insanity…..for a moment that is. When I feel my knees are back to normal I will continue where I left off with Insanity. When I get to my 1st goal of 170lbs I will see a doctor about them. I just don’t want to face any bad news about needing to have surgery right now. I am 13lbs from my main goal and I don’t want to be laid up gaining the weight I’ve lost back!

Monday’s Workout- Insanity Fit Test Spin & Abs
Tuesday- Spin and Arms Strength Training
Today- Yoga, Abs & Spin

I also weighed in yesterday and saw a 1.8lbs lost. I’m thinking that the gain on Monday was from the Sunday’s Insanity workout. Your muscles tend to swell when you work them out, which can cause a fluctuation in weight! So, when I did pure cardio on Monday I was dying to see if that was the reason. I was happy to see the scale go down but, am not going to dwell on it…. For real, I’m not! I have a new workout plan that I will be sticking to until my knees are feeling 100% better.
I have been eating clean and with good proportions. I have to work more veggies into my health menu. I drank an average of 12 cups of water a day and take a multi vitamin. I was coffee free 1 day this week! LOL!!! I know! I know!….. pitiful. I will get it down to 3days a week…. I hope!

Thanks guys for sticking with me, leaving me feed back and for all the Anniversary shout outs! I appreciate it so much! J I hope you all are having a great week so far! Keep On Pushing!



Ro said...

Girl rest those knees!
1.8 is a good loss and you can supplement your insanity workouts with something much easier on your joints. Long walks...and sit-ups, pushups...ab ball work maybe?
Just some suggestions.

MissHaneefa said...

Nice work on the loss! i am sad to hear that your knees are hurting. I hope that they feel better soon so you can get back on track. A rest is always good.

M said...

You're doing really great. Don't worry about this little "setback." Rest your knees. Maybe you can work your upper body like I did when I couldn't run! You'll be surprised how much you work your heart when you throw punches!

LeeLee said...

Thank you Ladies for your kind and encouraging words! It is not over until I say it's over! :D

M- That's exactly what I'm doing upper body strength training! I did it yesterday & I feel the pain all in my shoulders, arms & upper back! I must be doing something right! :D

Dee Dee said...


Insanity was too much for my knees as well. I plan to start it again but with moderation. Take care of your knees. Nice Blog!

PhluffyPrincess said...

Hi chica! I've enjoyed your comments so MUCH on my blog and appreciate them deeply! I've been reading them as they come on my phone which is why I hadn't checked out your blog yet. Trust me, I am a big blog follower and regular commenter too! I look forward to learning more about you and being able to support each other on our journeys! Stay blessed and I am off to catch up on your posts!

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