Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Weigh In and My "One Word Answers"

Good Day My Blog Fam!
Today’s Weigh in was 183.6… same as last weeks. The good thing about this weigh in is that I know what I did wrong. Now, moving forward towards change in the right direction!
Monday- Insanity Pure Cardio
Tuesday- 30mins Spin + 10 Minute Trainer Yoga
Now for my “One Word Answers” thank you Miss Haneefa for sharing.
Hair – Thin
Your Mother – Crazy
Your Father – Amazing
Fav Food – Italian
Dream Last Night - Weird
Fav Drink – Water
What room are you in? – Bedroom
Hobby – Simming
Fear – Death
Where were you last night? – Home
Something that you aren’t – Liar
Muffins – Carrot
Wish List Item – Remodeling
Where you grew up – St.Maarten
What you are wearing – Sweats
Your Pet – Nope
Friends – Love
Something you’re not wearing – Socks
Fav Store – Aldo’s
Fav Color – Gray
Last time you laughed – Today
Your Best Friend – Amazing
Best Place you go over and over – St. Maarten
Person who you email regularly – Kathy
Fav Place to Eat – Home
I hope you all have a an AMAZING day and Keep On Pushing!
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Rheina said...

How are you knees feeling? Ahhh, seeing your Sims makes me want to play!! But no time right now.

LeeLee said...

My knees are felling a lot better, I am still taking it easy on them so, I am alternating my workouts! Thanks for asking.
LOL!!! I know The Sims are addictive....I tried to only go in & take the pix but of course I played!

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