Thursday, May 13, 2010

Days 7, 8 an 9 of Insanity -- It's Getting Better!

Monday- Cardio Power & Resistance
Tuesday-  Pure Cardio
Wednesday- Plyo Cardio Circuit

I am really enjoying Insanity. I love how it gets my heart rate up, I love the burn I feel in my arms, legs, buttocks, back and every other nick and cranny there is. I have been improving with each workout. I am burning more calories and am also able to push myself longer and harder. I was finally able to do power jacks without hurting myself when doing them fast. My knees were definitely killing me last night. I cooked dinner, made sure the kids were showered, cleaned the kitchen, took my shower and hit the bed with ice packs on both knees and 2 Aleves. When Hubby got home he made me a cup of green tea and I watched “Second Chances” on Lifetime! It was a movie I could have afforded to miss. Last night I went to bed late (not good I know) but I had to watch MTV’s “Fresh Meat”. That show really gets my adrenaline going! Makes me wanna bust out another workout. In my defense I have been in bed early all of the other days, still eating clean, drinking 12 + cups of water daily and yesterday was my first coffee FREE day! Just typing the word “coffee” makes me want to go get some!  Maybe I can cut it out every other day? LOL!!!
Today’s work out is “Cardio Recovery” this is pretty easy, mostly stretching so I will ride the Spin bike for the remainder of my lunch break! I am going to try and eat like I did yesterday; I had 400 calories remaining, very rare for me. I hope everyone is doing well and is staying active!

Thanks for reading and I love hearing from you so drop me a line! Take care and Keep On Pushing!!!



Ro said...

Ok 1st thanks for the tip on P90x and for taking the time to let me know.
I am really considering it after Yoga.
Ok what Sims are you talking about? The game?? IF so....I was addicted in college and had to give it up. no

M said...

You're doing so awesome! Ice is my best friend. I ice parts of my legs and feet 3-4 times a day. Can you take Ibuprofen instead? It's good for reducing swelling. I'm so proud of you!

Alexia said...

I love that you're feeling the workout pain! That means it working...

LeeLee said...

LOL!!! Yes Ro, it's the Sims PC game. Very addictive! And anyone reading these comments, please don't go out & get this! It will mess up your entire social life & lets not even talk about what it would do to you on your weight loss journey!! I'm glad I could help out with the P90X tips!

M, thanks so much! Reading all the running you're doing makes me feel as if I need to do more! You're such an inspiration, thank you! I haven't tried the Ibuprofen but, I can always try it out!

Yes, Alexia! If I don't feel pain I seriously feel like I'm slacking and like Jillian Michael's says "Don't Phone it in!!!" I hear that in my head every workout! :D

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