Saturday, May 29, 2010


That’s exactly what I did last night with one of my girl’s. We have been dying to go running together for over a month and a half but, something has always come up. Well, yesterday we finally made it happen. We ran a little over 2 miles and sped walk for almost 3miles. Now, I am not afraid to admit I hate running. If it’s not running to a base to be safe or dribbling a ball or crossing the finish line for a 100 meter dash I’m not trying to do it. My girl has always been a runner and she just started to run again to get in shape this March! She was good….great even. I wanted to stop so many times but, kept going because, I saw her drive. YES!!! I did stop a couple of times but, wanted to stop so much more than that but, kept on going! I am so proud of myself for actually running.

This interest all started from a fellow Blogger “M”, she had never been a runner herself and decided to give it a try and now she loves it. I remember all of her trials and tribulations in the beginning but, she has over come them all and is doing great. I hope to gain that same love for it as she did. Lord knows it is a great work out and this is definitely new to my body so, maybe I will see the great changes she has. THANK YOU “M”!!! Ya’ll check her out!!!

Friday- Pure Cardio JM’s Yoga Meltdown + 10 Min. Trainer Abs + Walk/Run
Saturday- Kenpo X
Sunday- Spin + JM’s Yoga Meltdown

I’m still eating clean, logging my foods, staying within my calorie in take, drinking 14 cups of water on the average and O. M. G. still drinking my coffee!!! Other than the coffee drinking I’ve been sticking to my goals and am happy about that.

I hope you all have a FANTASTIC weekend, thank you for reading and for dropping me a line. I love hearing from you all! Keep on Pushing!!



MissHaneefa said...

GReat job on the run! Take care and have a FANTASTIC weekend!

Vilese said...

Good for you! I want to run so bad and when I do I only last for about a minute..seriously. Having a partner for motivation is extra cool. Enjoy your weekend =)

Dee Dee said...

Great job LeeLee. I too am trying to learn to love running. I look forward to hearing about your journey. Btw, thank you for all your support! I so appreciate it!

Madame said...

Running has all but consumed my workout regimen as of late. So invigorating, challenging and most importantly - beneficial to those trusty numbers on the scale, lol! Sounds like you had an amazing experience, hope you continue to build upon the joy of running! :)

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