Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 2, 3 and 4 of Insanity

Tuesday - Plyo Cardio Circuit
Wednesday - Cardio Power & Resistance
Thursday – Cardio Recovery

I don’t have to tell you how insane these workouts are but, DAAAAAAYUMMMM!!!! I got my tail served to me. PCC when we started the “warm up” we were in instant fast movement, everything was fast, switching from move to move, this last for 10 mins then we had a nice while to stretch and then after that it was on. I was moving so fast, feeling so winded, I wanted to pass out and not get up until morning but… No I kept pushing, I took breaks when needed and finished it up! Woooweeee!!!

CPR is off the chain, hence the abbreviation (CPR) This workout had my arms on FIRE!!!!! On top of the fast pace workout, V pushups while standing up and being on your tippy toes!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!! Arms were burning. I smiled when it was over because, I know this program is whipping me into shape! I LOVE IT!

CR, was pure Bliss! It was slow paced, lots of stretching, lots of quad burn, I didn’t burn as many calories with this workout because, it’s recovery, your heart rate doesn’t go up much but, it’s still awesome. I rode the Spin Bike to burn some extra calories today and felt really good. My legs feel like jell-o, I almost fell down the steps but, didn’t! LOL!!!

Tomorrow’s workout I know is going to be a beast “Pure Cardio”! Wowzer!
I’ve been sticking to clean eating minus my 3 pieces of quesadilla’s for lunch and dinner last night! I did stay under my daily calorie intake, didn’t eat after 8pm, have been taking in 14-16 cups of water, sticking with Insanity, getting in bed before 10pm! Oh and for the coffee….. ummm let’s say I’m still working on it! What can I say, I’m a work in progress!

Thanks everyone for your comments and sticking with me. Your words are so appreciated. Keep on Pushing through! Have a Good Night!



MissHaneefa said...

Like the new header on your blog. Are you able to do those poses?

Insanity sounds crazy, but it looks like you are getting throught it and I am sure by theend you are going to be stronger and sexier than ever! Good luck and keep pushin.

LeeLee said...

Thank you Haneefa! I love messing around with my Sims and thought it would be nice to incorporate them into my Blog! Girl, I only wish I can do those poses! LOL!!! Now that would be something to see! Thanks for stopping by!

M said...

Wow! Your workouts sound intense! You should make your goals sooner than you think if you keep it up!

Alexia said...

Ha! I wish I could do those poses too.

I feel ya. My stomach still hurts from that Ultimate Conditioning class I took on Wednesday. I feel a mixture of emotions about these hard classes: I kind of want to cry (well, that's a slight exaggeration) with all the repetitions but I feel so accomplished after the class.

Alexia said...

Hey Lee Lee,

No I haven't been to that restaurant. But I'm definitely interested in checking it out! My favorite places to eat in NY are: Red Bamboo, Vegetarian Paradise, and Curly's Vegetarian (all vegetarian & vegan). But I'm really not a big eater outer so I haven't been to a whole bunch of places. I like Mexican Radio and Galanga (Thai).

Are you looking for something for your anniversary with you husband?

LeeLee said...

M, I am looking forward to it but, won't dwell on making my goal sooner! Thanks Hun!!!

Miss Alexia,
I do feel your pain but, like they say "No Pain! No Gain" & I for one am certainly looking forward to gaining the reward after all this hard work! Ya Feel Me? :D

On to restaurants, I don't eat out much at all myself and when I do it's the same old places. Reading so many blogs and seeing pictures of new foods I am eager to try something new, even if it is Vegan!
I am going to try this restaurant with hubby for our Anniversary but, am looking forward to trying the ones you've suggested....especially the Thia one, I never ate Thai food! :o/ a little embarrassed to admit that!! Thank you for your Fav list!!! Much Luv!

Alexia said...

I lovelovelove Thai food. And I'm sure you'd love Red Bamboo or Vegetarian Paradise: both are vegetarian/vegan and are located next to each other. Let me know how you like that restaurant.

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