Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend Hit or Miss!

Good Morn-Ting!!! I hope you enjoyed your weekend. I know I did! Friday’s date with hubby was fabulous. We grabbed something to eat at Panera Bread because, the food is good and 2 mins away from the movie theater. I had the “Pick 2” special and had the low fat vegetarian Black Bean soup a half of tuna on honey wheat bread and an apple. It was delicious and filling. “Iron Man 2” was good, better than I anticipated and I didn’t indulge in any movie treats. After the movie we walked around the shopping plaza just window shopping, enjoying each others company and enjoying the beautiful night! When we saw Cold Stone Ice cream parlor…. Of course we stopped. This was this was my first time there and I had a Mint Chocolate chip brownie on a waffle cone! My Oh My…. it was good.

Saturday we took the train into NYC! We walked for hours taking the beautiful day in and trying to find a spot to have lunch at. We walked through Time Square to the end where all the tourists chill out. I looked to my left and what do you know, I spotted a Sushi restaurant called “The Blue Fin” it had nice décor and a friendly atmosphere. I had a glass of water and a whole wheat roll and a half. Then we spilt the Big Eye Tuna, Spicy Lobster and Yellowtail Sushi/Maki Rolls. It was so delicious, I will be sure to go back there again! We then went to a place called “Juniors” famous for their cheesecake and I had a slice of strawberry cheesecake. I was full for the rest of the day and we walked some more in the city and then walked back to the train station. I had such a great time with hubby and I didn’t feel guilty about any of my food choices.

Friday- Strength Training + Spin
Saturday- (Does walking all day count?) Rest
Sunday- P90X Cardio X + Spin.

I will weigh in tomorrow morning because, I forgot to do so this morning and have already consumed 3 glasses of water plus breakfast!

Thank you for the feedback about my fruit intake. I’m happy to know that I’ve been doing okay! I will make it my business to work more fresh fruits in as well. I hope you all have a great day and Keep on Pushing! 


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Ro said...

Hey LeeLee..Girl I have gained and I’m pissed about it. I got down to my goal which was 175...and as you can see I have been doing the damn fool. I am 5 "6 so 170 should get me in a nice size without losing my shape (which I love)

I have eaten 50% raw for a couple of days before and it was really not bad at all. I will most definitely post my entire day when I do it. Most likely next week.
I’m excited about just getting in shape more than anything.
Thanks for ALL of the encouragement ....I need it :-)

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