Thursday, May 27, 2010

Staying on My "A" Game!

Today is Thursday and I am looking forward to this long weekend. I don’t have anything special planned but, just being off from work is great by itself. I have to be super good with my eating and workouts. I have a goal to make and I am 3.6lbs away. I know it’s ludicrous to think I can lose that much weight in less than a week but, I have been eating super clean, lots of fruits and veggies, drinking lots of water and eating fish! My workouts have been strictly Cardio/Yoga/Abs. I will start lifting next week after weigh in. Plus I have been working out twice a day! So far I’m down to 182lbs…that’s a 1.6lbs lost. I’m going hard on this one Ya’ll!!! 180 here I come! :D

My Workouts:
Wednesday- Taebo & 10 Min Trainer Abs
Thursday- Insanity Pure Cardio + Yoga
Friday- Insanity Pure Cardio + Walk/Run

Thank you for reading and leaving comments, I love hearing from you all and WELCOME my new Followers, these are my Crazy Riffs!
Have a Great Day and Keep on Pushing!



MissHaneefa said...

Nice new background! You can totally lose that much in a week! but if not you can do it in two! So close you can do it.

M said...

YOu're doing amazing! I love your spirit and determination. Transformations aren't easy. It's all about the will. Congrats!

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